How to Install and Use Plex on Google TV? [Updated Steps 2022]

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Plex on Google TV: I hope most of you will have the experience of using the Chromecast device at least one time. It is very interesting to see the evolution of the Chromecast design and features. Now the new upgraded version is called Chromecast with Google TV. Certainly, as the name indicates, the all-new Chromecast device comes with a built-in Google TV.

So it allows you to install and stream online channels with an active internet connection. Chiefly it can act as a streaming device like Amazon Firestick and Roku. You can install any streaming service that is Chromecast compatible. Plex is one of the apps that you will need on Google TV to organize and stream your media files.

In addition to this, you can also stream many live channels without any subscription. If that sounds interesting, continue reading the below-given guide for the complete guide to installing Plex on Google TV. 

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What is Plex?

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Basically, Plex is an entertainment platform that includes plenty of live and on-demand content streaming services. The catalog of this app includes 200+ live channels and 20,000+ on-demand titles. You can stream your favorite live movies and TV shows anywhere anytime with the Plex app.

Speaking about versatility, this app is compatible with many platforms like Firestick, Roku, Android, iOS, smart TVs, Apple TV, and Chromecast. It includes content in almost all possible genres. So you always have fresh content to stream. With this, you can also create more profiles with a single subscription.

Certainly, Plex is one app that can satisfy the entertainment craze of everyone in your family. In addition, to live to stream, the Plex app can also act as a full-fledged media organizer. Using this app you can access all your local media files and stream them on your desired device. 

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How to Install Plex on Google TV?

Plex on Google TVPlex on Google TV

How to Install Plex on Google TV?

As we have discussed above the Plex is an all-rounder app. It can stream high-quality movies and simultaneously act as a media player. With this single app, you can access and play any file on your device in all formats.

The best part is that this app is completely free to install and use. Certainly, if you wish to get much more accessible it is possible by subscribing to the Plex Pass. Now, let’s see how to install the Plex app on your Google TV in the following steps. 

Step 1:

Initially, you have to complete the initial setup process of the Chromecast with Google TV device by connecting it to your smart TV.

Step 2:

Navigate to the Apps section visible at the top of the screen.

Step 3:

Move to the Entertainment category and search for the Plex app using the keyboard or dictate using the remote control.

Step 4:

Choose the official Plex app and click on the Install button to get the app on your device.

Step 5:

Once the app is installed, open the app and start streaming your favorite content.

The app does not ask for any subscription or log-in details. Access all your favorite content for free. For a personalized streaming experience, you have to sign in with the app. If you are wondering how to set up Plex on your device continue with the following steps.

Step 6:

Click on the Sign In option at the bottom.

Step 7:

You will be given an Activation Code.

Step 8:

Navigate to the described official Plex link using a browser on your mobile or PC. 

Step 9:

Enter the code and click on the Link button.

Step 10:

Within a few minutes, the Plex app on your Google TV will get refreshed and will be ready to stream. 


Is Plex available on Google TV?

Yes, of course. The official Plex app is available on the Google play store to download and install on Google TV. 

Is Plex free?

Yes, the basic version of the Plex app is completely free to stream on the compatible device. But if you wish to have more functionalities you can use the Plex Pass.


It’s time to pack up today’s article. I hope you will be clear about the Plex app and the methods to set up and get it on your Google TV. The Google TV is actually a TV OS that comes built-in with the latest Chromecast device. Certainly, this single device acts both as a casting device and a smart TV.

You can cast your favorite content from your mobile to smart TV. On the other hand, you can install and stream popular online apps directly on the Chromecast device. Make use of the above-given article to easily get the Plex app on your Google TV. 

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