How to Install and Use Yahoo Sports on Smart TV? [Complete Guide]

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You must have a valid streaming service to watch your favorite sports on time. But it is really hard to find a legit app when it comes to sports. So, we have brought the best methods to install Yahoo Sports app on Smart TV.

By which hereafter you can watch your favorite games on time without missing any goals. The major advantage of the Yahoo Sports app is that the service is free of charge. Henceforth, you don’t need to carry the fear of subscription fees every month.

Certainly, it is a very well-made platform for streaming daily fantasy sports and sports betting in a legal way. Using the Yahoo Sports app you can get live scores, stats, game highlights, and much more for free. Come, let’s get into the article to explore more about Yahoo Sports and its features. 

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What is Yahoo Sports?

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Basically, it is an all-in-one sports streaming application. With which you can stream live sports matches, on-demand videos, match highlights, and much more via the official app. In simple words, it is one of the fastest ways to gather all news related to your favorite sports.

Eventually, you can select your favorite teams, leagues, and even players on the app. Certainly, by which you can involve in legal sports betting. You can use the app for streaming various sports like football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, hockey, tennis, and much more games.

Eventually, you can also access various popular sports channels like NFL, MLB, NBC, CBS, F1, and many more on the app. The app is compatible with many smart streaming devices. Let’s have a look at how it works in the following article.

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In addition to NFL, F1, MLB, you can get special coverage of every football league possible with the Yahoo Sports app. Following are the additional features of the desired app.

  • Score updates at your fingertip
  • A separate ‘Stories’ section includes hot headlines from Yahoo sportswriters
  • Game highlights in your personalized news stream
  • Make sure you set an alert to receive notifications about your favorite team
  • The simple and intuitive app interface
  • Completely free to access with the Yahoo mail account

Is the Yahoo Sports app available on Smart TV?

At this point, the Yahoo Sports app is available for download on all smart TVs running with the latest version of TV OS. In that case, you can download the app easily from the Google Play Store. But in our today’s article, we will also be discussing the methods to get Yahoo Sports on smart TV via casting. 

How to  Install Yahoo Sports on Smart TV?

As I said earlier, you can download and install the Yahoo Sports app from the Google Play Store. The major advantage of the app is that you can install and stream the entire service for free. Additionally, you can get the app on your smart TV using the casting feature that comes built-in with the Yahoo Sports app. Following are the methods to install the desired app on your smart TV."How"How

Step 1:

Firstly, Turn On your smart TV and connect it to the internet without fail.

Step 2:

Go through the Apps section and open the Google Play Store app on your smart TV.

Step 3:

Now, search for the Yahoo Sports app using the Finder icon.

Step 4:

Select the official app and click on the Install button and wait until the app gets installed.

Step 5:

Now, open the app and Sign up with your Yahoo mail account credentials to enter the app.

Once you have completed the signup process, you can directly start exploring the games and highlights on the installed Yahoo Sports app on your desired device. 

How to Cast Yahoo Sports on Smart TV?

In case if you couldn’t install the Yahoo Sports app, you can try screen mirroring the app from your smartphone to your smart TV. The only thing is you should have a Yahoo mail account to access the app on your smartphone. Make sure you have already completed the signup process on your smartphone and continue with the following methods.

Step 1:

Initially, Install and Signup with the Yahoo Sports app on your Android smartphone.

Step 2:

Connect your smartphone and smart TV to the same WIFI network. 

Step 3:

Turn on the ‘Screencast’ option on your smartphone from the notification panel.

Step 4:

Your smartphone will search for the available devices around you.

Step 5:

Select your smart TV from the list and allow the devices to pair.

Step 6:

On successful pairing, your smartphone screen will get casted on your smart TV screen.

Step 7:

Now, open the Yahoo Sports app on your mobile and start watching your favorite games. 

This is how you can possibly get the application on your smart TV. Make sure you get a Yahoo mail account before getting into the process.


Can you get Yahoo Sports on a smart TV?

Of course, yes. You can get the Yahoo Sports app on your desired smart TV from the Google play store or App Store.

Can you cast the Yahoo sports app on a smart TV?

Yes, the Yahoo Sports app has a built-in casting facility. By using which you can stream the Yahoo Sports app on a smart TV screen.


That’s it. These are all the possible methods to get the all-in-one Yahoo Sports app on a smart TV. I hope you will be clear with the methods given above. If you can’t find the desired app on your device, you can use the built-in casting feature with the Yahoo Sports app. Both the methods to get the app on your smart TV have been given above. Get the app and start watching your favorite games on a large screen. 

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