How to Install and Use Zwift on Apple TV? [Updated]

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Zwift on Apple TV: Are you love doing exercise and want to maintain your fitness? But, most of us just plan to do the workouts and following them only for two to three days. This article is for you. Here we are going to see about one of the best and popular training apps. With Zwift, you can work out yourself at the home.

Everyone likes to maintain their body fitness. But, they cannot go to the gym regularly. Hereafter, Don’t worry about it. You can easily do workouts and cycling at home under the world’s best trainers. Let’s see about Zwift and how to get it on your Apple TV.

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What is Zwift?

Zwift is one of the best and popular applications for running and cycling. With this app, you can interact and compete with other participants. Also, it counts your calories burning, count the hours how long did you work out, and more.

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Fortunately, this is available on iPhone as well as Apple TV. You can directly download it from the App Store. Also, its subscription fee is affordable for everyone. Especially, it gives a seven days trial pack to its users.

With Zwift, you will feel comfortable and you can do the workouts fully focused. You need not worry about your surroundings. Also, you can join the groups like running and workout challenges. Follow the below-given steps to get the app on your Apple TV.

Features of Zwift

  • Trained by the world’s best trainers.
  • You can get the experience of cycling and run in the different countryside.
  • Stream 200+ live TV with Zwift.
  • It provides 1000+ structured workouts and training apps.
  • Also, look into your workouts and improve your performance.

How to Install Zwift on Apple TV?

You can easily download the Zwift app from the App Store directly. Keep following the below-given instructions to get the app on your Apple TV.

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Zwift on Apple TVZwift on Apple TV
How to Install and Watch Zwift on Apple TV?

Step 1:

Firstly, power on your Apple TV and connect with the wifi connection.

Step 2:

Then, go to the Home screen and search for the App Store.

Step 3:

On the App Store, type Zwift using the on-screen keyboard and select the app from the suggestion list.

Step 4:

Now, click on the Install button Zwift app on your Apple TV.

Step 5:

Finally, open the Zwift app on your desired device.

How to Activate the Zwift app on Apple TV?

After the installation process, you have to activate the app to access it. To activate the Zwift app, just follow the below-given steps.

Step 1:

Firstly, launch the Zwift application on your Apple TV.

Step 2:

Then, log in to the account with your correct credentials.

Step 3:

Now, go to the Sensor pairing option and select your Sensor.

Note: At the same time, Apple TV can support only two Bluetooth devices or Sensors.

Step 4:

Choose your favorite trainer from the available list and follow the instructions to complete the setup process.

Step 5:

Finally, you can start your workout on Apple TV.

If you have an old version of Apple TV, then you can get the Zwift app on your Apple TV using the Screen Mirroring method. Download the app on your iPhone and mirror it to your TV.


Is Zwift available on Apple TV?

Yes, you can directly download the Zwift app on your Apple TV if it is a new version. Or else, you can go for a mirroring method.

Is Zwift free?

No, you should subscribe to Zwift to stream its content. It provides a seven-day free trial pack to its users.

How to download the Zwift app on Apple TV?

Go to the App Store and type the Zwift app. And search for it, select the Zwift. Finally, click on the app and select the install option to download.


Zwift will encourage you to do workouts as well as gives you a gaming experience. This app is only available on the latest version of TVs. For the old version, mirror your iPhone to the Apple TV. Use the above-given steps to install the Zwift app on your Apple TV. We hope, this article will help you to download the app and access it. Thank you for visiting our page.

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