How to Install and Watch 7Plus on LG Smart TV? [Updated 2022]

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7Plus on LG Smart TV: Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect. Likewise, this article will be perfect for you to know the methods of installing 7Plus on LG Smart TV.

Are you ready to explore some exclusive live and on-demand titles from the hub of seven entertainment? Yes, the popular Seven Network has come out with a new streaming service called ‘7Plus’.

The all-new 7Plus app allows you to stream the latest titles like X Company, Station 19, Public Morals, and much more awaits you. One of the main reasons to consider 7Plus could be its free subscription.

Yes, all the live and on-demand content included in the app is free. Let’s get into the article for more details about the 7Plus app and its features. 

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What is 7Plus?

In simple words, 7Plus is an unpopular streaming service that is available in Australia. Seemingly, it is one of the free streaming services from the famous Seven Entertainment.

Most of you would be familiar with the name Plus7, how it was known before in 2010. After 2017, the service has been renamed 7Plus and has been streaming some exclusive content via its dedicated application.

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With the desired 7Plus app on your streaming device, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free without any interruption.

All you need is to create a free account with 7Plus to access their free live and exclusive content on your device anywhere, anytime.

Indeed, you can watch live programs on various channels like Channel 7, 7two, 7mate, 7flix,, and 7Sport.

Furtherly, the 7Plus app is available on multiple platforms, and as the app is free to use, it won’t be relevant to talk about the subscription details. 


Here are some amazing features that shines the 7Plus app. Have a look at the points given below for the overview of the app highlights. 

  • Live and Video-on-demand service for free
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Live stream popular sports like Winter Olympics
  • A separate catalog to explore the latest updates
  • Access your favorite content anywhere, anytime

How to Install 7Plus on LG Smart TV?

Most of you will be wondering, is 7Plus available on LG TV? The answer is Yes. Seemingly, the official 7Plus app is natively available on the latest models of LG TVs.

Indeed, LG TV users can directly install the 7Plus app from the LG content store. Even though the 7Plus app does not require any subscription, you will need a 7Plus account to Sign In to the app.

7Plus on LG Smart TV7Plus on LG Smart TV

How to Install
7Plus on LG Smart TV?

So ensure that you create an account on the 7Plus website and then proceed with the below-given installation methods. 

Step 1:

Firstly, Turn On your LG Smart TV and ensure that you connect it to an active internet connection.

Step 2:

Move to the home screen and launch the LG Content Store app from the row of apps present on the home screen.

Step 3:

Search for the 7Plus app using the on-screen virtual keyboard.

Step 4:

Then, choose the app and click on the Install button.

Step 5:

Open the installed app and enter your login credentials.

Step 6:

Navigate to the official site of 7Plus to activate your streaming device.

Step 7:

Now enter the Activation Code displayed on your LG TV screen.

Step 8:

Finally, hit the Submit button to complete the setup process. 


Is 7Plus available on LG Smart TV?

Yes, the official 7Plus app is natively available on the built-in LG Content Store. Indeed, the 7Plus app is entirely free to install on any compatible device.

Is 7Plus free to use?

Of course. 7Plus offers a free subscription for every subscriber. Indeed, the only thing you will need is an account with 7Plus to access all their live and exclusive content. 


I hope that you have got the best methods to install 7Plus on your LG Smart TV. The best reason to consider installing the 7Plus app on your smart TV could be the free subscription that it offers.

You can the entire content included in the app catalog for free without any subscription. Make use of the above-given methods to install 7Plus on LG Smart TV without any hassle. 

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