How to Install and Watch AirTV on Firestick? [Updated 2022]

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AirTV on Firestick: Streaming our favorites is one of the best relaxations. So, today we are going to see a streaming service where you can enjoy all your favorite shows. Moreover, it is a costless service. The service is named AirTV; it provides numerous channels to its users. 
So, this article is going to explain the installation process of AirTV and the setup process with simple steps. Let’s get into the article without waiting to learn more amazing facts about AirTV and its features.

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What is AirTV?

AirTV is one of the streaming apps which offers a lot of content at no cost. Also, you can stream all local channels with HD quality with AirTV. Especially, you can access AirTV on your desirable devices without cable. It offers numerous local channels such as FOX, NBX, ABC,  PBS, CBS, and so on. 

As said before, you need not pay a subscription fee to access AirTV shows on your device; it is a completely free service. Moreover, it will allow you to integrate local channels with Sling TV. Finally, AirTV is compatible with Amazon Firestick; it will make your installation easier. 

How to Install and Watch AirTV on Firestick?

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AirTV has a dedicated app on Amazon App Store so that you can install it directly on your Firestick device. This section is going to explain the straightforward method to get the app without any complications. You can use the upcoming guidance to enjoy your favorite AirTV content with your friends and family.

AirTV on FirestickAirTV on Firestick

How to Watch AirTV on Firestick?

Step 1:

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Firstly, Power your Firestick device and connect with a stable internet connection.

Step 2:

Go to the Firestick Home page and click on the Search option.

Step 3:

Now, type AirTV on the search bar and search for the app.

Step 4:

Choose the AirTV app from the result list.

Step 5:

After that, click on the Get button to install the app on your Firestick.

Step 6:

Once the app is downloaded successfully, launch the AirTV app on your device.

How to Set Up AirTV app?

After the installation, you have to set up the app to stream your favorite AirTV shows on your desirable devices. To do set up, you can follow the upcoming guide.

Step 1:

You have to install the AirTV app on your smartphone from Google P)lay Store or App Store to set up.

Step 2:

Open the app on your device and create a new AirTV account.

Step 3:

Now, provide your correct credentials to start a new account.

Step 4:

Click on the OK button and choose the Begin Setup option to connect the new device.

Step 5:

Then, select Connect using Wifi or Connect using Ethernet.

Step 6:

Select the AirTV network from the AirTV app or Phone Settings; it depends upon your mobile OS.

Step 7:

After that, provide your Network name and password to connect the AirTV with wifi.

Step 8:

Then, check for the new updates by clicking the Check For Updates. If there is any update is available, update it.

Step 9:

Enter the Name of the AirTV and click on the Start Scan option.

Step 10:

Now, type your Zipcode and select the Star Scan once again.

Step 11:

Then, connect the Antenna to the AirTV and click on the Next button.

Step 12:

It will search for the channel and show the available channels in your region.

Step 13:

Lastly, select the channel and stream your favorite AirTV content on your Firestick device.

Does AirTV a subscription-based service?

No. AirTV provides its content to its users free of cost. So, you need not empty your pockets for a subscription fee. Instead, log in to your AirTV account and connect it with your home wifi to access local channels on your device.

Is AirTV available on Firestick?

Yes. Fortunately, there is a dedicated app for AirTV. Moreover, AirTV is officially available on Amazon App Store. So, you can directly install it on your Firestick device and stream your favorite AirTV shows on your device without limitations.


Here, a lot of streaming services are available to watch your favorite shows on your Firestick device. Among those, one of the best and most popular services is AirTV which we discuss in this above article. This write-up explains the straightforward procedure to get the app on your device.

Make use of the early mentioned steps to freely enjoy your favorite AirTV shows. To get more interesting apps on your Firestick device, you can check out our website in the Firestick category. It will give you the best guidance to access a lot of applications on your device. 

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