How to Install and Watch Amazon Prime Video on Samsung Smart TV? [Updated]

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In recent times, many people addicted to watching web series. They turned into good entertainment in this pandemic situation. Are you one of them? Fine. So, you must aware of famous streaming platforms like Amazon & Netflix to watch web series. Amazon Prime is the best platform to get all the stunning collections of series and award-winning movies. To make you enthusiastic, most of the Smart TV stores compatible with the Amazon Prime video app. If you are a Samsung user and looking for a way to watch Amazon Prime on your Samsung Smart TV, this article is only for you. Get inside with the article.

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Samsung smart TV is one of the standardized TV brands, which manufactured with effective advanced technologies. There is separate customer support and positive reviews out there for the Samsung brand. At present, Smart TVs are mold with streaming applications. Hopefully, Amazon Prime is not an exception for Samsung TV users. The user can launch the official app of Amazon Prime video from Samsung Smart Hub. Generally, It is too usual to install the app, like adding any other apps on the Smart TV.

How to Sign up the Amazon Prime on the browser?

There is no doubt, to get the Amazon Prime Video app from the Samsung store. At the same time, the app will work only you have completed the subscription. Most importantly, you cannot do the sign-up process after installing the app on Samsung TV. It means you will not have a chance to Sign-up on the Samsung TV. Therefore, you have to finish up the sign-up process before installing the Prime video app on Samsung TV.

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The Initial step is, open the web browser on your smartphone or the PC.


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Next, open the official application of Amazon Prime. Or else, visit this page


Here, you can see the Start your 30-days free trial option. Below that, hit the Sign up button to initiate the service.


Pick the Prime video subscription pack at your convenience. Here, you can choose the monthly or yearly type of package. At last, proceed with the billing section and confirm your subscription plan.

How much Amazon Prime video subscription costs?

  • Monthly plan – $12.99
  • Yearly plan – $119

How to Install Amazon Prime Video on Samsung Smart TV?

The foremost clarification is, you must have the Samsung TV that was released in 2015 or later. If yes, you can find the dedicative app of Amazon on your TV store. Fine. Let us move on to the downloading process of Prime Video.

Amazon prime on Samsung TVAmazon prime on Samsung TV

How to Watch Amazon prime on Samsung TV


First up, power on your Samsung TV and connect to seamless Internet access.


Next, take the Samsung TV remote and press the Smart Hub button on it.


After that, navigate your access to choose the Samsung Apps from the menu list that appears on the screen.


And then, Locate your action to hit the Prime Video application.


Below the information page, tap the install button to start to download the app.


Wait for sometimes, to accomplish the downloading process. Once the app finishes the installation, press the launch button to open the application.

Well done! Usually, This is how you can add applications from Samsung Hub.

How to sign in with an Amazon Prime account?

Now, we are in the stage of connecting Amazon Prime with your Samsung TV. To start streaming the Prime media on Samsung TV, you have to complete the registration process. Continue your reading to know the simple steps for easy registration.

  1. Firstly, launch the Amazon Prime Video app on the smart TV.
  2. Secondly, you can see two options to register your Samsung device.
  3. One is Sign in and Start Watching, and another one is Register on the Amazon website.
  4. Sign in and Start Watching: Here, fill up the login credentials of your Amazon Prime account. Then, proceed with streaming the favorite content.
  5. Register on the Amazon website: If you tap this, the screen shows an activation code. Note it down. You have to copy this code on the Amazon activation page.
  6. Click this link and enter the code to register the Samsung TV with your Prime account.
  7. Great! You have successfully registered your device on the Amazon platform. Start to explore the exclusive collections on Samsung TV.


Does Samsung officially supports Amazon Prime?

Yes. To ensure that, you have to check out the model of your Samsung smart TV. As per the present status, the native app of Amazon is in-built with the Samsung TVs that are launched in 2015 or later. If your Samsung model satisfies this condition, you can access the app flawlessly.

How to watch offline videos on Amazon Prime?

Read this article entirely to start streaming the latest films. After getting inside the app, tap on the Watch Now tab. If you don’t have enough time to watch the movies, you can download them to watch them at leisure. To do that, Look at the Information page. There, click the download icon to download the films or series. Thus, you can watch it offline.

Bottom Line

Have you gathered enough information to watch Amazon Prime on Samsung TV? Probably, all the sections contain the necessary guidelines for streaming the shows. Furthermore, always check out your Internet access and subscription plans. Both monthly and yearly packs are affordable to make subscriptions on Prime Video. Make use of this write-up to broad-up your knowledge regarding the installation process on Samsung TV.

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