How to Install and Watch Amazon prime Video on Toshiba Smart TV?

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Hey Toshiba users! Are you looking for the best online video distributor for your Smart TV? What else can give a better experience than Amazon Prime? Sit back and watch all the Amazon Originals and award-winning web series on your Toshiba smart TV. We know that Amazon serves most of the countries and territories all over the globe. Anyhow, the installation procedure may vary as per your TV brand. If you dunno how to launch the Amazon Prime Video app on your Toshiba Smart TV, take a glance at this article.

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Amazon Prime Video on Toshiba Smart TV

Toshiba is one of the top-ranked smart TV brands that grabs a large number of customers. In general, Toshiba Smart TVs are powered by different operating systems. In that, two kinds of OSes are most commonly required OS by Smart TV customers. That is Fire TV OS and Android OS. As they compiled with the updated features, they have remained as the most wanted models. In both OS, the users can easily install the Amazon Prime application.

Android OS – install the Prime Video on Google Play Store of the Toshiba Smart TV.

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Fire OS –install the apps from the Amazon App Store on the Toshiba Smart TV.

How to install Amazon Prime Video on my Toshiba Smart TV?

Amazon Prime on Toshiba Smart TVAmazon Prime on Toshiba Smart TV

How to Install and Watch Amazon Prime on Toshiba Smart TV

For the Android OS,


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First of all, light on your Toshiba Smart TV and fix the internet access.


Then, use your TV remote and navigate your action to head into the Google Play Store. There, search for the Prime Video app using the on-screen keyboard.


Start to initiate the downloading process and Install the app on your Toshiba TV.


Get started with the app by giving proper login credentials. Enter the email address and correct password of your Amazon Prime account.

For Fire TV OS,

If your Toshiba Smart TV runs under Fire OS, you need not put much effort to get the app. Amazon Fire TV offers direct access to its dedicative applications. Most of the time, you can find the app on the Home Screen itself. At this moment, open the built-in app and start watching the Amazon videos on your TV. Thus, you may not spend time on the downloading process. At the same time, there are a few chances of not finding the app on the Home section. In such cases, do follow the simple guidelines.


Initially, turn on your Toshiba Smart TV and connect to the Internet. You can find the Apps section somewhere on the Home screen.


Get into the apps section and drop down the Movies & TV category. Here, scroll down to reach the Prime Video Channel.


Below that hit the Get Free to Download button. Based on your internet speed, you will get the Prime Video app soon.


After the installation, launch the Amazon Prime on your Toshiba TV.


In the last stage, you have to configure the Amazon details to get inside the app successfully.

How to watch Amazon Prime on older versions of Toshiba Smart TV?

All the latest models are pre-installed with the Google Play store to purchase the required apps for Toshiba Smart TV. There is a zero chance to see the in-built Amazon Prime Video application if yours is an older version. Those users, don’t be worry to launch streaming services. Everything is possible when we use the technology at the right time. Here we start the necessary action.

  1. First up, open up your PC and head into the Web browsers you have. Land on the search tab and visit this page
  2. Most importantly, this app is only recommended t the Android TVs runs under an arm7 processor. However, almost all Android TV uses ARM processors.
  3. After visiting the page, you can download the amazon prime video 5.3.9-armv7a.apk file. It is nothing but the android application file of Amazon Prime.
  4. Now, you can see the recently downloaded APK file under the downloads section of your computer.
  5. Meanwhile, take the Pendrive or any external USB disk to copy the APK file.
  6. Next, insert the Pendrive or the portable disk at the rear side of the Toshiba Smart TV. And now, look at the file explorer section of the TV.
  7. Here, click the apk file of Amazon Prime to begin the launching process. Click to install the app on your Toshiba Smart TV.
  8. After few minutes, Amazon Prime will locate under the TV apps section.

All set! Go ahead with the login process and start streaming the blockbusters on your older model of Toshiba Smart TV.


How to install Amazon Prime on Toshiba TV (non-smart TV)?

In case you are using non-smart TV or Toshiba LED TVs, you can watch Amazon Prime. Along with the TVs, you need to have some streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, or Chromecast. Except for the Chromecast, Apple TV, Firestick devices, and Roku allow direct access with the Amazon Prime app. Or else, you need a smartphone or computer to Chromecast the media through the Android & iOS devices.

Is Amazon Prime compatible with Toshiba Smart TV?

Yes. Undoubtedly, you can get the app from the Toshiba smart TV that works under the Fire OS. And also, you can start streaming the app on Android-powered Toshiba TV too. Sometimes, you might have uninstalled the Amazon app accidentally. At that time, you should purchase the app from the appropriate application store.

Bottom Line

Shall we wrap up this article? You can easily access the Amazon prime video on your TV screen either you are a Toshiba Smart TV user or LED user. All the installation methods are closely relevant to one another. The only thing is the uninterrupted internet sharing on the devices you are supposed to use. That is clearly discussed in this article. Streaming on Toshiba Smart TV gives an excellent view to watch a variety of shows and movies at one sit. Explore the amazing features of Toshiba TV, as well as in Amazon Prime.

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