How to Install and Watch Binge on LG Smart TV? -Simple Guide [Updated]

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Welcome LG users! Are you longing to watch on-demand videos on your big TV screen? For that, you need to surf the best entertaining service available on the online market. As many streaming apps are in stock, it is confused to grab the best one. Through this article, you are going to explore the features of the Binge application and get Binge on LG Smart TV.

It has plenty of entertaining shows, reality collections, movies, on-demand TV shows, and more. I hope you will attain all the amusement via the Binge streaming service. If you are having the LG TV, try out casting the Binge app on LG TV. Perk up! Let see how to cast.

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About Binge

Binge is one of the high-ranking video streaming services obtainable in Australia. Streamotion is the owner of Bingle services. Like any other streaming service, Binge also offers live entertainment shows and movies as well.

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For the people in Australia, Binge turned into a peak of endless entertainment. The foremost services of Binge possess television distribution and film distribution. Plus, Binge delivers its content in the English language.

Most importantly, People from outside Australia cannot able to opt for this service. Meanwhile, one can able to stream Binge anywhere inside Australia.

What Binge offers?

As you bring the Binge into play, you need to know about the spotlights of the Binge app. One important factor about Binge is, it is a subscription-based service. There are three different Binge plans available for you.

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It includes basic, standard, and Premium. Therefore, based on the plans you will get offers. Moreover, all the plans deliver HD-resolution content.

Key features of Binge

  • Ultimately, you can watch 10,000 plus hours of TV shows and movies on Binge.
  • Ad-free service. So, you will not be annoyed by unwanted ads while watching on-demand videos.
  • Every new user can utilize the 14 days free trials.
  • The user can able to stream simultaneously up to 4 different devices.
  • In addition to movies, it telecasts TV shows, reality shows, comedy, documentary films, and also crime series.
  • The content you watch on your devices is binge-worthy, award-worthy- and share-worthy.

What are all the devices available with binge support?

You can install a binge application on,

  • Television OS: Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung TV, Telstra TVs.
  • Mobile OS: Android smartphones and iOS devices (tablets)
  • Casting device: Chromecast
  • Web browser: macOS, safari, Google Chrome, firefox

How to Watch Binge on LG smart TV?

Have you noted that the list of devices supports Binge service? So you have aware that the LG is not there. Right?

Yes. The LG users are not able to install the Binge app from the LG content store. In such cases, we should immediately look for some alternatives.

What is it?

The only best way to watch Binge content on your LG TV is Chromecasting.

Binge on LG Smart TVBinge on LG Smart TV

How to Install and Watch Binge on LG Smart TV


First off, unlock your smartphone and turn up the internet access. Visit the Google Playstore and download the Binge application.


Install the Binge app and ready to launch it on your phone. At the same time, insert the Google Chromecast at the HDMI port of your LG TV.


Next, Share the same Internet access for your smartphone and your LG TV.


Open the binge app and proceed with your correct login credentials. After that, start to play any of the shows on your binge-installed phone.


At the corner of your video player, hit the Cast icon. On the next screen, the app will start searching the nearby devices.


Now, you have to pick out your Chromecast device name. Soon, both devices start pairing with each other.


Accept the casting request on your LG TV. In the end, the Binge content playing on the smartphone will appear on the LG TV.

If you want to change any programs, use your smartphone as the TV remote. All the actions will reflect on your LG Smart TV simultaneously.

How to watch Binge on my PC?

As we discussed above, some of the commonly used web browsers are supported Binge app. Through that, you can watch Binge on personal computers and laptops. Let see quickly how to watch.

  • Firstly, switch on your PC.
  • Secondly, head over to the binge-supported web browsers.
  • Thirdly, visit the official website of Binge and proceed with the login process.
  • Finally, begin to watch on-demand content on Binge via Laptops.

What are the plans available in Binge subscription?

Along with the 14 days free trial period, it allows three kinds of subscriptions.

  • Basic plan – $10 per month
  • Standard plan – $14 per month
  • Premium plan – $18 per month

Bottom Line

On the whole, you will get a clear knowledge about the Binge application. It uplifts entertainment by distributing your favorite television content.

As an LG user, Chromecasting is the only possible way to get the Binge app. Readout this entire article to get more stuff about Binge features, subscription plans, costs, and supported devices.

Enjoy streaming the binge-worthy content on the LG Smart TV. That’s all regarding this write-up. Let us join together with upcoming interesting articles.

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