How to Install and Watch Binge on Samsung Smart TV? [Updated]

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Hey peeps! Surfing for the best entertaining app for your brand new Samsung TV? We have good news for you. So far, the people from Australia couldn’t get the binge app on their Samsung Smart TV.

The official application of binge available only on selective televisions. In that, Samsung and LG brands are excluded. Hereafter, you don’t need to tolerate these issues.

Because the native binge app for Samsung smart TV is out now! Do you want to know more about the installation procedure, subscription details of Binge on your Samsung TV? This post is just for you.

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Binge application

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The binge app is a token of amusement and entertainment. Binge is one of the widely spoken streaming services in Australia. It offers a mixture of Tv shows includes comedy, emotion, crime, thriller, documentaries, reality shows, and much more.

All the content streamed on Binge is binge-worthy, share-worthy, as well as award-worthy.

If you know about Kayo, Binge act as a sister service of Kayo. Yeah! The only difference between them is, kayo famous for sports and binge famous for limitless entertainment.

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In addition to the Samsung brand, Binge is accessible on your compact devices. Android smartphones, tablets, iPhones, even mac pcs are compatible with the Binge app. Whatever the device may be, Smart TV gives realistic views like mini theatres.

To grab this service, you need to finish up the subscription process. For that, you have to create your account on the Binge platform. There are some fascinating features available on the Binge app. Let see what they are.

Fascinating features of Binge

  • The best side of Binge is, it projects the content in HD quality. All the basic to premium users are treated equally and watch their content in High definition.
  • You will get limitless joy by watching 10,000+ hours of award-worthy movies and TV shows.
  • All you need ad-free shows that too you can watch from Binge.
  • Each account has multiple device support. Therefore, one can able to stream Binge content on different devices same time.
  • And also, you can make simultaneous streams up to 4 different screens at the same time.
  • If you want to experiment with the feature before the subscription, you can make use of 14 days of free trials on the Binge app.

How to Install and Watch Binge on Samsung TV?

The foremost thing you have to check is the model of your Samsung TV. After the developmental process, the designers released the native app of Binge.

Binge on Samsung Smart TVBinge on Samsung Smart TV

Install and Watch Binge on Samsung Smart TV

That is to say, Binge is compatible with the Samsung TV models developed after 2017. If your Samsung TV is above the 2017 model, you are a good way to grab a binge on your side. So, check it out and do follow the below sequential.


At the main, switch on your Samsung TV and fix the internet access.


Next, navigate your action to visit the Samsung smart TV hub. As usual, you can purchase the app for Samsung TV from here.


Here, search for the Binge app and download the app. After that, launch Binge on your Samsung TV.


On the first page, you will prompt to enter the login credentials. Proceed with your Binge account details. As a result, you can start watch Binge on Samsung TV.

All set! It is time to stream the Binge content on your Samsung TV.

How do I subscribe to the Binge service?

If you are a new user, you have to create an account on Binge. With the account, you can access the app on your handheld devices. Don’t know how to create a binge account? It is too easy. Continue your reading.


First, light on your computer. Connect it with internet access.


Second, Dive onto the Web browser and search for the Binge website. Redirect your access to the official webpage of Binge.


Here, you can see the two weeks free trial. If you want try out them. And now find the option to create an account. Click on it.


On the next screen, a list of plans will appear. Go through the features of each plan and pick your choice.


The next step is you have to enter your email address and password. Now, you will land on the payment section. Add your bank account or debit card details as well as your phone number.


At last, confirm your account details once. Now you are ready with your Binge account. Most importantly, remember your login credentials for further sing in process.

Why can’t I able to watch Binge on my Samsung  Smart TV?

Binge is not working on my Samsung TV. If you raise this issue, first you have to check out the model of your TV. When you came to know that your TV is 2016 or below the 2017 model, you are unable to stream binge service. As we mentioned above, the binge is added on the above 2017 models only.

What are all the subscription plans available on Binge?

After finishing the 14 days free trials, you will be charged to watch the content. Binge offers three different levels of plans to the users. Thereafter, you will the features based on the tire you have chosen.

The three-tire plans are,

  • Basic tire – $10/month
  • Standard tire – $14/month
  • Premium tire – $18/month

Bottom Line

Try out all the features of Binge on your compatible devices. Most notably, you can use the same account to log in with any other devices like Android, iOS, Apple TV, Telstra TV to watch Binge videos.

On the whole, Once you start to explore the Binge and its services, you will get to know lots of impressive features on it. Meanwhile, read this article to subscribe and install the Binge app on the Samsung TV.

We will end up with this article here. That’s all we want to share with you regarding the Binge service.

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