How to Install and Watch CBS Sports on Apple TV? [Updated 2022]

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CBS Sports on Apple TV: Streaming sports is one of the best forms of entertainment, especially in this pandemic. But the real question is, which app is best suitable for streaming sports?

More than the best app, the respective app should have the features that we wish. One such app is CBS Sports. Of course, there are numerous sports streaming apps over the internet.

But why especially CBS Sports? Seemingly, the CBS Sports app has more than you expect. It can be said as an info and streaming hub for sports.

If you have a craze towards sports, then CBS Sports is the one app that includes every piece of information about your favorite sport.

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The desired app is compatible with streaming on various platforms. Concerning that, this article will provide you with the complete guide to installing CBS Sports on Apple TV. 

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What is CBS Sports?

CBS Sports is the one app that you can get on your streaming device to watch all your popular sports and games. Seemingly, CBS Sports is an over-the-top service that primarily focuses on telecasting sports events.

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Furtherly, it is the one-tap source for sports news, scores, matches, videos, and much more. In addition, you can selectively watch live games like SEC football, NCAA Basketball, The Masters, etc.

You will get detailed pregame and postgame updates with the respective app. In addition to this, you can watch daily fantasy shows like Fantasy Football and more.

At present, CBS Sports is offering two types of subscription plans. The most beneficial part of the CBS Sports app is also its affordable subscription. 

How to Install CBS Sports on Apple TV?

As I mentioned earlier, CBS Sports is a subscription-based streaming app. CBS Sports has two types of subscription packs like Essential and Premium. Seemingly, you can avail of the Essential package for $4.99/month with ads.

CBS Sports on Apple TVCBS Sports on Apple TV

How to Install CBS Sports on Apple TV?

On the other hand, the Premium pack costs you $9.99/month. But with the premium package, you can stream your favorite sport ad-free. In addition, a live TV plan is included in both the subscription packages. 

Step 1:

Initially, Power On your Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K and ensure that the device is connected to an active internet connection.

Step 2:

Then, open the Apple AppStore from the row of apps available on the home screen.

Step 3:

Click on the Finder icon at the top and search for the CBS Sports app.

Step 4:

Choose the respective CBS Sports application and click on the Download button.

Step 5:

Once after installing the desired application, open it and Sign In with your account credentials.

Step 6:

Navigate to the official activation page of CBS Sports if the app asks for activation.

Step 7:

Enter the Activation Code visible on your Apple TV and click on the Next button. 

Step 8:

You can start streaming your favorite sports content upon successfully activating CBS Sports on Apple TV.


Is CBS Sports available on Apple TV?

Yes. CBS Sports has partnered with Apple TV. As a result, the desired app is now available for Apple TV users. Every Apple TV user can make use of the app by downloading it from the App AppStore.

IS CBS Sports free to use?

No. CBS Sports is a subscription-based app. But CBS Sports is one of the sports streaming applications that have very affordable subscription plans. 


I hope that you will be clear with the methods of installing the CBS Sports app on your Apple TV. By installing the CBS Sports app, you can get 24/7 live news updates, scores, videos, and much more.

In simple words, CBS Sports is the one-stop destination to stream sports from the rest of your couch. You can also use your TV provider credentials to stream more from the CBS Sports app. Refer to the above-given post for more details about the CBS Sports app and the methods to get it on your device. 

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