How to Install and Watch Crave On LG Smart TV? [Updated]

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Hey all!! Hope Everything is fine. Do you all want to enjoy the streaming service without any disturbance and further issues? In this modern world, everyone wants the best relaxation forever. Because it will help you to be yourself. For that, this article presents you to provide the materials and Information of Crave which is an application that offers all the needful content to the world. The best experience is, you are going to get your Crave TV App on your LG Smart TV exclusively. Let’s get into the topic. 

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Crave, the name gives you the interest and passion to know the cravings details of the application crave. It’s one of the applications of CraveTV. This is an on-demand source. It’s from Bell Media. There are two different languages in this Crave. That is English and French. It’s all based on the country of Canada. You can get the whole environment and enthusiasm at your own place without any disturbances. 

This craves application provides original and real content to the users. There are many contents available such as movies, TV shows, series, Craves originals, and so on. It also provides you with the premium networks like HBO, Showtime, STARZ, and much more. This is one of the subscription-based channels. You can easily get this app on your Smart TVs. But, it’s available only on a wide range of streaming sources.

Cost of Crave

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Based on a subscription source of crave, you need to pay the minimum amount to watch the Crave TV content. There are two various ways to watch the contents of crave. That is, 

  • Crave offers you to watch the contents on Cable TV provider credentials. 
  • Per month you need to pay $9.99. It also offers a seven days trial to watch the contents freely. Then, you have to pay the minimum amount. 

How to Get Crave on LG Smart TV?

To know the exact details of how to Get the Crave Application on your LG Smart TV, you need to go through this specific subject. Here, Crave is not applicable on the LG Smart TV’s content store. You need to use third-party sources to get your Crave app easily. So, you can use the Google Chromecast method to get your Crave app easily. 

Crave on LG Smart TVCrave on LG Smart TV

How to Install Crave on LG Smart TV

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How to Get Crave on LG Smart TV using Google Chromecast?

This is a method to get your Crave application on your LG Smart TV using the Google Chromecast option. It’s a device that connects your favorite content from the Android device. So, let’s follow the steps. 

Step1: Open your Android device. 

Step2: Go to the Google Play Store. 

Step3: Search for the “Crave” application. 

Step4: Install the app. 

Step5: Launch the app and sign in with your Crave account details. 

Step6: Now, you need to turn on LG Smart TV. Connect the parallel WiFi connection to the devices of smart tv and your Smartphone. 

Step7: You have to navigate your Crave app on your Smartphone. Then, choose the “Cast Icon”. 

Step8: From the list, you need to select your Chromecast device name. 

Step9: Finally, your Mobile phone’s view is mirroring your LG Smart TV. 

Step10: At last, you can easily watch all your crave premium content from Android to LG Smart TV exclusively. 

Alternative Ways

There are some other ways to Get your Crave app on your LG Smart TV easily. It’s not available on the LG Smart TV. But, it’s applicable to other external streaming sources. The devices are, 

  • Roku
  • Firestick
  • PlayStation4
  • PlayStation5
  • Xbox One

So, these all are the devices that are compatible with your LG Smart TV. In the process, you need to go to the App Store and then install the Crave Application easily. That’s all about the process to get your Crave app with the help of external devices. 

Is the Crave app available on LG Smart TV?

No, unfortunately, the Crave Application is not available on the LG Smart TV’s Content Store. Instead, you can use the other methods. 

Final Verdict

To end this article, you need to read the article fully without any further hurdles and issues. Because it’s filled with the major qualities and features of Crave and its specifications. You can easily use this article when you want to stream the crave app contents on your LG Smart TV without any disturbances. So, it will be helpful at present and in the future. Surely, this content will be useful for your reference. Enjoy streaming with this Crave app on LG Smart TV. 

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