How to Install and Watch DAZN on Samsung Smart TV?

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Stream DAZN to Samsung Smart TV: Are you bored at home? Do you own Samsung smart TV at home? Then what are you waiting for? Stream your DAZN app to TV to have unlimited entertainment at home.

Download the DAZN app and Stream it into your Samsung TV, by reading this article. Let us dive into this article to know more about the app and to Stream it on your TV.

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What is the DAZN app?

This app is a kind of OTT Streaming platform. DAZN application is available in various languages like French, German, Japanese, and English. It offers live content on demand for its users across the world.

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DAZN app exclusively focuses on Sports. This app mainly focuses on the fight against sports which includes MMA and Boxing. It allows you to stream your favorite sports like NFL, MLB, Boxing, NHL, NBA, and many more.

Users can also watch classic fights, highlights of the game, weekly shows, and many more. This app is a new service for the United States and in the last few years, this service has been active in other countries.

You will need a strong internet connection and a subscription plan to use the app. This app is available in countries like Spain, Austria, Germany, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, and Japan.

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Few highlights of the DAZN app:

  • It includes a library to play replays, watch live sports events, and many more.
  • You have to pay month-month and can cancel it for free at any time.
  • It is a month-month subscription service that costs $19.99 per month and for yearly $99.99.
  • It offers a different selection of sports in each country.

This application is available in devices like LG smart TV, Samsung smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Sony TV. Let us discuss how to stream the DAZN app to Samsung TV in this article.

How to Stream DAZN on Samsung Smart TV?

Install and Watch DAZN on Samsung Smart TVInstall and Watch DAZN on Samsung Smart TV
Install and Watch DAZN on Samsung Smart TV

To watch the DAZN app on Samsung TV follow the steps given without skipping any of the procedures below to have entertainment on the big screen.

Step 1:

Firstly, make sure to Plugin to your Samsung TV with a power switch.

Step 2:

Kindly check your internet connection before proceeding to the further process.

Step 3:

Now on your TV remote just tab on the home button.

Step 4:

On your home screen kindly navigate your smart hub/apps.

Step 5:

Now on the top-right side go to the Search icon.

Step 6:

“Type DAZN” in the search tab by using your smart TV remote.

Step 7:

Now on the displayed suggestion list choose the DAZN app.

Step 8:

On the upcoming page kindly click on the install button.

Step 9:

Kindly click on the OK button.

Step 10:

Now the DAZN app is ready to launch.

Step 11:

Now kindly sign in to your account using your credentials.

Step 12:

It’s time to choose your subscription plan according to your need.

Step 13:

After choosing your subscription plan kindly proceed to your payment process.

Step 14:

You will be redirected to the DAZN app once you have completed your payment procedure.

Step 15:

Finally, everything is successfully done. Now you can stream your favorite content of DAZN to your Samsung TV.


What are the subscription plans available?

There are two plans available on the DAZN app they are 

  • $19.99 per month
  • $99.99 per year

Why Samsung TV is not supporting the DAZN app?

Only after 2015 manufactured Samsung Tizen TV models supports DAZN app. Maybe your TV might be older than 2015. Kindly check the model and manufactured year of your TV.

How do you get the DAZN app on your smart TV?

  • Kindly Sign in to the Samsung App store.
  • On the search function kindly enter the DAZN or you can find the required app on the sports section.


Whatever you are looking for we would like you to peace of mind here. I hope this article makes you clear about the DAZN application. DAZN app is one of the topmost streaming platforms which allows users to watch their favorite content. You can stream it into many devices which are listed above. Here we have explained step by step process to stream the DAZN app to the Samsung smart TV. To know more about the app visit its official website. 

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