How to Install and Watch Foxtel go on Samsung Smart TV? [Updated]

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Hello friends! Ordinary Televisions are progressively replacing by Smart TVs. When we talk about familiar brands in Tele Industry, Samsung is an irreplaceable choice. Isn’t it? In general, all kinds of Smart TVs filled with the latest technologies and applications.

By the way, we have to dig out the Samsung Smart Hub. It is the place where you can purchase all the native apps of Samsung TV. In Australia, Foxtel is a famous streaming service that serves plenty of entertaining content on Samsung TV.

So, you must try out the efficient features of Foxtel go on your TV. Here are the simple ways to set it up.

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Foxtel is the famous paid cable company in Australia. It is the main for all the sisters’ players. In addition to Foxtel, the company offers different Foxtel branches with advanced features.

The owner of the Foxtel service is the partnership of News Corp Australia (65%) and Telstra (35%). The products include Satellite, IPTV provider, and Cable TV subscriptions. Once you create an individual account on Foxtel, that is quite enough to access the further branches.

Foxtel Now, Foxtel Play, Foxtel Go are branched out from Foxtel service. After Foxtel launches the Foxtel Go, all the existing users redirect to the Go platform.

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Thankfully, Foxtel Go didn’t charge Foxtel users. At first, the Go service available only on iPhone. Later on, it is obtainable in Mac, Windows Personal computers. Along with them, Foxtel Go compatible with some of the selective Android devices.

The Foxtel Go app is available on smartphones, tablets, and web browsers too.

Features of Foxtel Go

As a Foxtel Go subscriber, you need to know some exciting key features of the service.

  • Foxtel Go is extremely free for customers who already have Foxtel subscriptions.
  • Additionally, Foxtel Now customers also able to access Foxtel Go without any cost.
  • Normally, it is a set-top-box subscription. So, the people allow to access the subscribed channels in the Foxtel subscription plan.
  • Each account has five different devices’
  • There is no time restriction to watch the Foxtel Go content.
  • The channels are compiled in Foxtel Go networks are based on the essentials, Kids, Sports, Movies, Documentaries, and Drama.
  • In addition to that, Foxtel Go offers on-demand videos for most of the channels.

How to Install Foxtel Go on Samsung TV?

Foxtel service is workable on only a few of the selective smart TVs. If you are a Samsung user, your TV model should be higher than in 2017. And also, the Operating system of Samsung must be Tizen 3.0 or above that.

If yes, you can get a native application of Foxtel Go on your Samsung tTV.Before going further, you have to check out your Samsung TV model. If your model is eligible, do follow the simple steps.

Foxtel Go on Samsung TVFoxtel Go on Samsung TV

Install and Watch Foxtel Go on Samsung TV


First off, power on your Samsung smart TV. Ensure to connect the seamless Internet access. Next, take your Samsung TV remote.


Then, navigate your access to open the Samsung Smart Hub ( Samsung app store). As Foxtel is preloaded on your device, just find where it is.


Or else, search the required app and select the Foxtel Go app. Next, Download the Foxtel Go app and Launch it on your Samsung TV.


On the first screen of Foxtel go, press the log-in button. In that, Give all the necessary credentials of your Foxtel subscription account. That’s all. You can now watch all the TV shows of Foxtel Go.

How do I subscribe to Foxtel Go on Samsung TV?

To make a subscription, you must have a Foxtel account. You can make use of your web browser to create a Foxtel account. The Foxtel account is more than enough. Therefore, you need not pay for using Foxtel Go and Now services. Let us review the quick steps to create a Foxtel account.


Initially, turn on your computer and affix the Internet access.


Next, head over to the browser and search for the official website of Foxtel.


Here, you can create your new account with Foxtel service. Give the required details in the create your new account section. After that, look at the Foxtel subscription plans.


Then, you will land on the redirected page. It prompts you to collect the bank details to accomplish the payment process.  Proceed with the payment section.


At last, you have successfully finished both the account creation as well as the subscription process in Foxtel.

That’s all. You have completed all the utmost steps to access the Foxtel Go app.


Is Foxtel Go available for free?

If you are an existing subscriber of Foxtel, you can opt for Foxtel Go for free. Since all the Foxtel branches are closely integrated with one another. You can make use of the same account to claim any other additional services. If not, pick your plan to watch the streaming content of Foxtel Go.

What are the devices that support Foxtel Go?

  • Windows PC
  • Mac OS
  • Android smartphones, tablets, and iOS devices
  • Casting – Chromecast and Airplay casting.
  • Selective models in Telstra TV, Samsung TV, and Android TV.

Why can’t I stream Foxtel Go on my Samsung TV?

As we discussed above, there are only limited models that support Foxtel service. If your Samsung smart Hub doesn’t deliver the Foxtel Go app, your Tv model is not compatible with this service. It is clear that the native app is not available on the Samsung TV model if it is less than 2017.

Bottom  Line

Finally, we have reached the conclusion point of this article. I hope, this article clearly states the account creation on Foxtel, subscription steps, and installation guidelines. Review this article once. It brings out all the simple steps and key features of the Foxtel application.

Enjoy streaming all the entertaining programs of Foxtel and sports-on-demand videos on your Samsung Smart TV Screen.

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