How to Install and Watch Foxtel Go on Smart TV? -Definite Guide 2021

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Foxtel Go on Smart TV: Hello readers! The tremendous development in the Smart TV industry inspires many users. Since it is wrapped up with advanced technologies. Okay.

How will you access the technologies?

The answer is via the applications and software shielded inside the TV OS. Isn’t it? Yes. In that, almost all the apps aim to entertain the users.

Among them, How will you pick the best entertaining app for your smart TV? Sometimes, It is confusing a bit to find the best one among plenty of apps. There is one such app named Foxtel Go.

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Here, we are going to take a random look at the Foxtel Go app on your smart TV. Let’s Go.

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Foxtel is the high-ranking paid cable Tv subscription in Australia. Wherever you are in Australia, you can make registration. Actually, Foxtel Go is the upgraded version of Foxtel and Foxtel Now services.

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For the existing Foxtel customers, Foxtel Go is serving as an add-on service without prompting additional charges. Plus, The user can watch boundless hours of on-demand content on Foxtel Go, regardless of time and place.

The specific products of Foxtel services are IPTV subscription, satellite, and cable TV providers. Generally, Foxtel is a set-top-box subscription.

In addition to Foxtel, the user can access its sister’s channels like Foxtel Now, Foxtel Go, Foxtel Play as a part of subscriptions. The partnership of New Corp Australia (65%) and the Telstra group (35%) jointly owned the Foxtel service. Most importantly, it is available for the peeps only in Australia.

Significant features of Foxtel Go

  • Household sharing– Each account can able to share its membership with five different
  • Simultaneous stream- It is possible to stream the shows simultaneously on two different devices using one active account.
  • Low data consumption mode- If it seems you are using the mobile data to watch Foxtel Go, the service automatically turns to low data usage mode.
  • Parental controls- Foxtel Go offers parental access. It helps to prevent the child to watch inappropriate, age-restricted content.
  • Multiroom subscription- It allows the users to cast the Foxtel Go service on smart TVs.
  • Casting feature: The subscriber can cast the Foxtel Go streaming from the hand-in device to Chromecast-connected smart TVs, Apple TV, and Smart TV.
  • Foxtel Go application is compatible with Android and iOS mobile platforms.

What are all the devices compatible with the Foxtel Go app?

The following list of devices is compatible with the Foxtel Go service. Therefore, You can check out your device with the given list.

  • Android – Android version 5.0 and above.
  • iOS- iOS devices run with 9.3.5 or above the version.
  • Windows PC – Chrome web browsers
  • Mac OS – Safari as well as Chrome browsers
  • Television – Telstra TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and some limited models of Smart TVs.

How to do Foxtel Go subscription on web browsers?

Before you proceed with the subscription process, first you must have a Foxtel account. That can be created using web browsers. There itself, you can proceed with the Foxtel subscription and billing procedures.


First of all, open your PC or Mac and ensure the Internet connection. Then, hover to the web browsers and land on the search tab.


Here, search for the official Foxtel website. On the next screen, you can see the create new account option.


After that, open the subscription plan section. Choose your plan and click enter to move on to the billing section.


Enter your payment details in the appropriate column. At last, The confirmation mail will be forwarded to the registered email address.

That’s all. Now, you are ready to stream the Foxtel Go service on any of the devices using the same username and password.

How to Install Foxtel GO on Smart TV?

It is mention that you need not create an individual Foxtel account to access Foxtel Go. All the existing Foxtel users can make use of the same Foxtel ID to use Foxtel Go subscription. Ensure that your Smart TV model is integrated with the Foxtel Go. If your Smart TV supports Foxtel Go service, do the following:

foxtel Go on Smart TVfoxtel Go on Smart TV

How to Watch foxtel Go on Smart TV


Initially, visit the application Hub of your smart TV. It may vary based on the TV brand. (Eg: LG content store, Samsung smart Hub, Play store, App store)


In the Hub, search for the Foxtel Go application. Here, you can install the native app of Foxtel Go.


After the installation, launch the app using the existing registration details.

Note: Even If you already have Foxtel Now account, it is more than enough. Give the same login credentials to log in with Foxtel Go on your Smart TV.

Great! In the end, you are on the way to watch Foxtel sports on your Smart TV.


Can I Chromecast Foxtel Go on Smart Tv?

Of course. You can. Thankfully, Foxtel Go allows casting its videos on a big Tv screen using the Chromecast feature. All you need to have an active Foxtel subscription, Chromecast-connected Smart TV, and casting devices.

Ensure to share the same WIFI access between the casting device and the Smart TV. If you have everything on hand, you can play the Foxtel videos on your device. Then, tap the cast icon placed on the screen. Soon, the same will reflect on your smart TV screen.


To get a better experience on your smartphones and tablets, make sure that you have currently using the latest version of the OS. Perhaps, the operating system or your smart TV models are not adaptable with Foxtel Go, you can go ahead with Chromecast.

Usually, Chromecasting is the best way to watch the compact content on the Smart TV screen. Readout this article to know all the possibilities to stream Foxtel Go on your Smart TV. On the whole, feel pleasure by streaming the entertaining on-demand content on Foxtel.

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