How to Install and Watch Hulu on Sony Smart TV? [Updated]

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To all Hulu Lovers! This is the article is about the interesting factors of Hulu. Those who are all waiting to know the details of Hulu and want to stream on your favorite particular device, you are going to get the amazing things here.

It comes under your feet to offer extraordinary entertainment to the users. Yes, this article is going to enhance you to know the better experience and ultimate specialty details about Hulu.

And also you are going to know the methods of installing Hulu on Sony Smart TV. For all these factors, let’s read the article.

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Hulu is the topmost and best streaming service which gives the impression, entertainment, amusement, enjoyment, happiness, relaxation, and so on to the users. The application offers all the on-demand videos to provide relaxation.

It’s from America and it’s controlled through the company of Walt Disney. This is a type of OTT platform. The available language of Hulu is English. You can also get Hulu content in the United States.

The only focus and the major process of Hulu are to offer amazing entertainment to the Mass Media People. You can get all the features of streaming on media, video on demand, and digital distribution.

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There are unlimited users using this source. You need to utilize this platform in a proper way. Hulu presents limitless videos, shows, films, series, and much more. To know the extra details of Hulu, visit the website of

Features of Hulu

Hulu is a highly prominent streaming source both inside and outside. As you know already in the above passage, you will get the basic information of Hulu. To build their personal experience, you need to know the features of Hulu. Here are the best specifications of Hulu.

  • Hulu is a Streaming source, you can stream various channels on two screens at a single time.
  • My Stuff” option helps to get the latest version of movies and shows.
  • It has the option of binge. To get that, you need to enable the “Autoplay” option.
  • Hulu offers amazing features that the users can create six profiles to enjoy with your family and friends.
  • It offers to watch up to 1080p/60fps content exclusively.

How to Install Hulu on Sony Smart TV?

Sony Smart TV is playing a vital role in the television industry. You can get the Hulu application easily on your Sony Smart TV. Because, it’s applicable in the App Store of Sony TV.

Moreover, Hulu is a pre-installed source on Sony TV. You are not able to get the app quickly, follow the forthcoming steps. So, you can easily install it. Do follow the steps.

Hulu on Sony Smart TVHulu on Sony Smart TV
How to Install and Watch Hulu on Sony Smart TV

Step 1:

Switch on your Sony Smart TV.

Step 2:

Connect the internet connection. From the Sony Smart TV remote, Choose the Home Button.

Step 3:

Go to the Sony Smart TV, select the “All Apps” option. Then, go to the Google Play Store or Get More Options screen.

Step 4:

There you need to search for the “Hulu” application.

Step 5:

Select the app and click the “Install” option.

Step 6:

After the installation, launch the app.

Step 7:

Finally, log in to your Hulu account with your credentials and then begin to stream your Hulu content on Sony TV.

How to Activate Hulu on Sony Smart TV?

After the installation process, you are ready to stream the Hulu Contents. Before that, you need to do the most important thing of Activating the Hulu Account.

Then, you can easily stream the Hulu Account on your Sony TV. Here are the simple steps to Activate Hulu on Sony Smart TV.

Step 1:

Launch the installed Hulu application on your Sony Smart TV.

Step 2:

You can get the activation code of Hulu on your Home Screen.

Step 3:

To activate it, go to the Hulu Activation Site using the Chrome Browser.

Step 4:

Now, log in to your Hulu account and enter the activation code.

Step 5:

Then, choose the “Activate” button.

Step 6:

Finally, your activation process is over. Now, you are ready to stream the contents of Hulu on Sony Smart TV.

Is the Hulu application available on Sony Smart TV?

Yes. You can easily get the Hulu application on the Sony Smart TV.  is applicable on the Sony Smart TV App Store. So, it’s easy to install the Hulu app on Sony TV.

Is it possible to use the Chromecast Method to get Hulu on Sony TV?

Absolutely Yes, you can use the Chromecast method to get your Hulu on the Sony TV. You can also get this Google Chromecast on your Sony Smart TV.

Final Verdict

These all are the major particulars about this content Hulu on Sony TV. From this article, you will surely have an idea to understand the concept, methods, steps, features, and other particulars of Hulu on Sony Smart TV.

This is an article which is going to be a very useful and entertaining factor at any time. Kindly refer to the article, if you want to stream the Hulu app on Sony TV. Enjoy streaming Hulu on Sony Smart TV exclusively.

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