How to Install and Watch ITV Hub Live on Xbox? [Updated 2022]

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ITV Hub on Xbox: Dear buddies! Do you think your Xbox console is only for playing games? If you think so, you didn’t explore another side of Xbox. So, are you exciting what it does? You can now watch all the movies, catch-ups, and much more content streaming on air.

For that, we have to link the streaming service. ITV Hub is one of the topmost streaming services that are compatible with Xbox One and Xbox 360. As we all familiar with other streaming services like Amazon prime, which expects payment after a certain period. To those, ITV Hub is a highly recommended choice, as it serves for free. All you need to ready with Xbox console-connected TV and the right guide to set it up soon. Here it is!

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ITV Hub was actually branded as ITV Cach up. It is due to the ITV has the pride of delivering on-demand video content utterly free of cost. It has a collection of streaming media that you can watch regardless of time. The broadcasting region of ITV is, particularly on UK and ROI. If you one of them, you can watch the on-demand shows from all of its very own channels like ITV, ITV2-ITV4, CITV. The compatibility of ITV Hub is extraordinary. Yes. It is compatible with,

  • Gaming consoles – Xbox One, Xbox 360
  • Web Browsers compatibility – Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
  • Smart TV platforms – Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Now TV players, Samsung Smart TV, Roku-connected TVs, YouView enabled TV, and more.
  • Smartphone application – Android and iOS

ITV Hub VS Hub+

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ITV Hub+ is nothing but the premium application of Hub, which is available for an affordable cost. You will get an add-on benefit as per the charge. Hub+ lets you watch ad-free ITV streaming content. Plus, you can able to download the catch-ups to watch at your leisure. The best thing about HUB+ is, it never says you have to stay on an ITV subscription. You can unsubscribe premium plan whenever you want. On account of HUB+, you can simultaneously stream the ITV content on multiple devices.

How can I register on ITV Hub?

Registration is the foremost step that leads you to access the ITV Hub service. As a result of registration, you will get an individual account on ITV. Do follow the instruction to initiate the registration process.


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Firstly, Pick your hand-in device or computer and connect it with seamless Internet.


In that, open up the web browsers and visit the official page of ITV. Or else, just tap this link


On the right side, hit the Sign up now button. To access the ITV shows, you have to fill up the fields such as Title, Name, DOB, PostCode, Email ID, and password.


Below that, enable the radio buttons that say email notification and terms & conditions.


At last, click on the Submit button to accomplish the ITV registration.

How do I register for ITV on the smartphone app?

ITV Hub registration on Website and mobile applications are quietly the same. As per the Android and iOS devices, you should install the ITV app from the appropriate application stores. Once you open the app, navigate your access to tap the MY ITV section. And then, make use of the above guidelines for the sign-up process.

ITV Hub on XboxITV Hub on Xbox

How to Install ITV Hub on Xbox One and Xbox 360

How do I Get ITV Hub on Xbox One?

Have you combined the ITV Hub & Xbox account with the registration process? Fine. As the Xbox One has straight access to the ITV app, the workarounds are not much complex. Now, you can proceed with the following installation steps.

  1. First of all, Power up the Xbox one console and fix the high-speed network.
  2. Now, land on the Xbox One dashboard It contains Pins, home, Friends, Store tabs alternatively.
  3. We have to go ahead with the Store tab. Within the category section, highlight the Apps section.
  4. Now, use the on-screen keyboard to find the ITV Hub application. Once you find it, jump on to the ITV home page.
  5. On the ITV description page, click the Get button to initialize the downloading process.
  6. Meanwhile, you have to confirm the installation. (Confirm if it asks)
  7. After the installation, take the Xbox one controller. In that, press the Xbox button to launch the ITV Hub application on Xbox one console.
  8. On the first screen, you have to fill up the Sign-in field. Give the details that you have registered in the ITV Hub account.

Well done. For further access, open the ITV Hub app under the My Games & Apps section of your Xbox one console.

How do I get ITV Hub on Xbox 360?

  1. Initially, switch on the Xbox 360 console and ensure Wifi access.
  2. Next, visit the apps section on the dashboard.
  3. Here, You can either scroll the screen until you reach ITV or search the ITV hub.
  4. Now, press the Get button (Install or Download) and wait for the installation to get over.
  5. After that, go ahead with the ITV app and Sign in with your ITV hub account credentials.

Great! You did well! Now, you can stream all the desired ITV programs on Xbox 360 video game console.


Is Xbox compatible with ITV Hub?

Yes! Xbox and its subset consoles are famous for video gaming. Along with that, it has ITV hub streaming application compatibility.

What are the Xbox versions that offer ITV Hub app?

At present, you can find the ITV Hub app on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Most importantly, you have to finish up the ITV registration on your Xbox Live account.


All in all, Account creation or registration is not at all a complex task. Whenever you are stuck with queries regarding ITV set-up, Our article beside you to help. As Xbox players compete with the ITV service, it makes the installation process direct and simple. You can either use Xbox 360 or Xbox One to access IPTV. However, you should finish the registration first. Going through this article, get to know the brief installation procedure of the ITV hub on Xbox consoles.

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