How to Install and Watch Kayo Sports on Hisense Smart TV? [Updated]

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Kayo on Hisense TV: For sports and games, Kayo is one the best-known app. In Multi-sport streaming devices, in a large way, Australia is the only country to produce.

Also, it provides a lot of features and specifications. Also, for users to get all games it has a full-featured source. In the subscription method, the Kayo application will be available.

Generally, accessing your favorite Kayo is the best Aussie app. It is a game-changing sports streaming service. Then, it was designed to allow the sportspersons to enjoy the sports and to get closer to action.

With a never-ending array of on-demand content, events, and live games, in hours of great sporting content to find themselves immersed sports fanatics are immersed. Basically, anywhere in Australia, you can stream on-demand content and over and 50 live sports.

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Features of Kayo Sports

#1. To play games, Kayo will allow you to choose partners to play the game.

#2. Many channels and updated contents are available. Also, you can adore fantasy games.

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#3. To watch on screen the content has a comfortable, original, and real view.

How to Check Kayo on Hisense TV available?

Hisense TV models like VIDAA U3,4,5 Software the Kayo app is compatible. Basically, check whether this software update is available on the Hisense TV. Then, to know the TV model, on the back of your TV check the barcode. Otherwise to confirm your model contact Hisense support.

Also, to check the software version by using remote visit settings of TV and move to About TV/support. Then, to check the firm updates and to visit the software version, select Software Upgrade.

Kayo on Hisense TVKayo on Hisense TV

How to install Kayo on Hisense TV?

How to Install and Watch Kayo on Hisense Smart TV?

Generally, the Kayo app is the best app for watching sports. In the new version of the TV with the VIDAA software inbuilt version, you can directly download and install. Here are few easy steps to install the Kayo app.

Step 1:

From Tv home screen on the app store search Kayo sports.

Step 2:

Then, select the app from the list of options and install the app.

Step 3:

After the installation on the TV, open the app.

Step 4:

Then, sign in with the credentials to an existing account. Otherwise, if you are a new user register to the Kayo app. Or for using the existing account to activate the Kayo app follow the instructions shown on the TV screen.

Step 5:

Finally, On your Hisense TV, you can stream the Kayo app.

How to adjust the video quality while streaming on the Hisense TV?

While streaming live sports, Hisense TV provides settings for optimized viewing and it has a sports mode. Here are few steps to enable picture settings on your Hisense TV to stream the Kayo Sports app.

Step 1:

From home screen open settings.

Step 2:

Then click the Picture and select Picture Mode.

Step 3:

Finally, select the Football time. To go back to the home page on your home press on the home icon.

How to Cast Kayo on Hisense Smart tv?

Basically, Kayo is not available on the old version of the Hisense TV. Alternatively, you can cast from Android. The Kayo app is available on Android devices. Follow the steps given below to cast on the Hisense TV even though it is not an updated version.

Step 1:

Switch on your TV and move to settings on the Hisense TV. Then, press the menu button on your TV remote. To enter into settings select the Gear icon.

Step 2:

Then, from the left side menu select system.

Step 3:

Now, move to the network settings.

Step 4:

Then, click network Configuration and set it to Wireless. On the top center of the screen, it will be the first option. If selected move on to the next step.

Step 5:

In the same menu go to Any view stream and click it. On your TV it will be as Any view cast in some other models.

Step 6:

Then, to turn on Any view stream or Any view cast select the option On. Make sure whether your device is connected to the same WIFI network.

Step 7:

Connect your Android device to the WIFI Network.

Step 8:

To launch it tap the Google Home Icon by going back to the home screen. 

Step 9:

Then, download and install the Kayo sports app on your Android Device.

Step 10:

To open the menu at the lower corner select the Hamburger icon.

Step 11:

Select Cast screen/audio under the list. Then, on the screen Mirror, your phone screen will open.

Step 12:

Then, At the center tap on the Cast screen/audio button. 

Step 13:

Finally, you can watch the Kayo sports app on the Hisense TV screen.


How do I download Kayo on my Hisense TV?

You can download the Kayo sports app on the Hisense Tv. Only the latest version which is inbuilt with the VIDAA software Kayo app is inbuilt from there you can directly download it from the App store. If your TV is the old version you cannot download the app the bother option is to screencast.

How do I cast Kayo On my Hisense TV?

You can cast the Kayo to the Hisense TV by using ur Smartphone or iOS or Pc. In this article, you can find the steps to cast the Kayo sports and follow those steps to cast easily. The only thing you need to enable is Smart View.


Kayo is the best streaming app for sports. Also, you can download and watch the app on the new version of the Hisense Tv. If it is an old version you can cast from the devices like Pc or Android or iOS. This article helps you with the procedure to install the Kayo sports app on the Hisense TV.

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