How to Install and Watch NBC Sports on Samsung TV? [Updated]

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NBC Sports on Samsung TV: Sports have gone through many evolutions. Starting from playing on the ground with our friends, meeting each other, having fun, and to the virtual world of sports.

Especially this pandemic has led us more into the virtual world. It’s a golden time when people travel a long distance with family and friends to watch their favorite games and players directly at stadiums.

In this pandemic time, those things are not possible. But need not worry. Because the development of technology has shown us that anything is possible from our doorstep. Yes, you can stream your favorite sports resting from your couch with the NBC Sports app.

Today we are going to deal with the methods on how to install and watch NBC Sports on Samsung  TV. Let’s get into the article. 

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What is NBC Sports?

NBC Sports is one of the free applications to stream your favorite sports from the rest of your couch. If you are searching for the best cord-cutter to cable services, the NBC Sports app could be the best option. The app is compatible to download on both Android and iOS devices.

NBC network is one of the leading sports broadcasting companies in America. If you are a sports fan you can get the maximum benefits out of the app for free. With the NBC Sports app, you can get access to NBC original programs, studio shows, and 24/7 premier live events.

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NBC is an exclusive sports streaming app where you can watch  F1, PGA, NASCAR, NFL, and much more. If you wish you can also watch your favorite shows on the dedicated NBC website other than the app.

To speak about the subscription plan, you can get your own NBC Sports app content completely at no additional cost. A point to make clear from my side is NBC Sports app is separate from the NBC subscription.

You would require a subscription with a TV service provider like Hulu, Sling TV, Tubi TV, and Fubo TV to stream NBC sports on your Samsung smart TV. 

How to Watch NBC Sports on Samsung smart TV?How to Watch NBC Sports on Samsung smart TV?
How to Watch NBC Sports on Samsung smart TV?


It is always a good tendency to have a look at the app’s features to get a better overview of it. Below are some of it. 

  • Live and on-demand videos to stream for free.
  • Watch highlights to recollect all the great memories of your memorable events.
  • Personalized game updates for your favorite matches that you don’t wish to miss.
  • Compatible on multiple devices.
  • The participation of many TV service providers with NBC has made live TV possible at no additional cost. 

How to Install and Watch NBC Sports on Samsung TV?

Some of you may have doubt that, whether the NBC Sports app is available on Samsung smart TV? Well, Yes, it is now officially possible to install and watch your favorite sports events with the NBC Sports app on your Samsung smart TV.

The only thing is you will need a paid subscription with a TV service provider like Sling TV, Tubi TV, Fubo TV, or YouTube TV to watch NBC sports. Make sure your Samsung smart TV is running on the latest version of OS, and continue with the below-given method.

Step 1: 

Turn on your Samsung smart TV and check whether it is connected to the internet.

Step 2:

Navigate to the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV and click on the search icon.

Step 3:

Using the finder icon search for the official NBC Sports app.

Step 4: 

Download and install the app on your Samsung smart TV.

Step 5:

Open the app and copy the Activation Code on the screen.

Step 6:

Visit the NBC app activation page using a PC or laptop browser.

Step 7:

Choose your service provider and enter the Activation Code in the specified area.

Step 8: 

Now click on the Activate button to confirm your submission.

A pop-up message will indicate your successful submission. The NBC Sports app will get activated on your Samsung smart TV shortly. With that, you can start streaming your favorite sports matches and highlights on your Samsung TV for free. 


Is NBC Sports available on Samsung smart TV?

Yes, you can easily download the NBC Sports app on Samsung smart TV from the smart hub.

Can I watch live TV on NBC sports?

Yes, you can watch live and on-demand videos online with the NBC Sports app. 


We are at the concluding part. NBC Sports app is one of the best sports streaming services where you can watch your favorite sports for free. The best part is you don’t require any separate subscription to use the app.

By subscribing to a single TV service provider you can actually get access to a lot of stuff in addition to the NBC Sports app. Not only on smart TVs and streaming devices you can even watch your favorite events from your smartphone anywhere anytime. 

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