How to Install and Watch YouTube TV on PS4/PS5? [Updated]

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YouTube TV on PS4/PS5: Technology development has given us gaming consoles. But, using those gaming consoles, we can do many things more than gaming.

For example, we played with our friends for two decades on the grounds and in stadiums. But now the situation has changed, and we are now playing with online friends.

Indeed, gaming consoles have evolved a lot, and now it allows you to stream media content in addition to gaming. We will now discuss the methods to install and watch YouTube TV on PS4/PS5.

Yes, every one of us has been using the platform YouTube for watching random videos. Seemingly, YouTube is a subscription-based service by Google. Let’s see the methods to install the YouTube app on your PS4/PS5 console in the following article. 

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What is YouTube TV?

In general, YouTube TV is a subscription-based online streaming service. Therefore, ensure that you do not confuse YouTube TV with the YouTube app. Accordingly, YouTube is an application to watch numerous videos uploaded by content creators.

Additionally, the videos on YouTube are completely free to watch. On the other hand, the YouTube TV app lets you stream on-demand videos available only for YouTube TV subscribers. With 85+ live channels, it also has cloud DVR storage to save your favorite content to watch later.

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Indeed this YouTube TV service is only available in the United States. However, you won’t require any cable subscription or set-top box to watch YouTube TV. Alternatively, you can install it from online app stores. 

How to Install YouTube TV on PS4/PS5?

YouTube TV on PS5YouTube TV on PS5

How to Install YouTube TV on PS5?

YouTube TV is available on the PS5 console to install and use. But make sure you have a YouTube TV subscription to stream the contents as per your wish. The YouTube TV app can be downloaded directly from the PlayStation store without hassle. Now, let’s get into the methods of installing YouTube TV on PS4/PS5.

Step 1:

Firstly, Turn On your PS4/PS5 console and make sure it has an active internet connection.

Step 2:

Open the PlayStation Store on the home screen.

Step 3:

Using the Finder icon placed at the top, search for the YouTube TV app.

Step 4:

Choose the official YouTube TV app and click on the Download button to install the app on your device.

Step 5:

Open the installed YouTube TV app and Sign In with your subscription details.

Step 6:

You will get an Activation Code that you have to copy.

Step 7:

Now visit the official activation page of YouTube TV.

Step 8:

Enter your Activation Code in the specified area.

Step 9:

Finally, hit on the Submit button.

Step 10:

You can start using the YouTube TV app on your PS5 console within some time.


Is YouTube TV available on PS4/PS5?

Of course, the YouTube TV app is officially available on the PlayStation Store. You can start using it with a YouTube TV subscription.

Is YouTube TV free?

No, YouTube TV is not free like YouTube. YouTube TV is a subscription-based service. You have to opt for either of the plans to access the app content.


It’s time to conclude the article that we are looking at. YouTube TV is the most amazing online streaming service available to install on the PS4/PS5 console.

So from now, you can watch your favorite media content like live and on-demand content on your PS5 in addition to playing your favorite games. Refer to the above post for the simple and effective methods to install and use YouTube TV on PS5. 

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