How to Install BT Sport on LG Smart TV? [Updated 2022]

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Dear sports lovers. Your favorite sports channels are standing on your doorstep now. Yeah. BT sport is one of the sports streaming applications that lets you watch all the highlights of live matches on LG Smart TV.

Additionally, it holds exclusive live sports on UK and Ireland TV channels. Are you an Lg TV user and don’t know how to watch BT on LG TV? That’s why you are here to read my write-up.

It will really help you to watch BT sports on LG smart TV, within simple steps.

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BT Sport

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BT sport is one of the most famous sports streaming services in the United Kingdom. Moreover, you never miss any live events such as FA cup football, Premier League, UFEA champions, Ireland channels, and much more.

The BT sport application is supported on smartphones and tablets too. The user will get a stunning experience by watching a vast number of match clips & match replays.

The BT sport expanded its functionality and added its supports on Android TV and many smart TVs. Along with these features, you can watch every match in high definition of resolution. If you miss watching any sports programs, you can watch the catch-ups when you have leisure.

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Highlights of BT Sport

  • BT sport application is compatible with Apple TV, Smart TV, Kodi player, Firestick device, and Xbox Playstations.
  • If you don’t have any external streaming device, you can easily Chromecast the app from hand-in devices like smartphones and laptops.
  • As BT group released the mobile version, the Android and iOS users can install the BT sport app on their smartphones. The BT TV is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store,
  • To bring BT sport on the TV, you need not opt for a TV subscription.

Key features of the BT Sport subscription

  • The subscribers can watch events on the big screen via a Chromecast device.
  • To get a mind-blowing watching experience, you can watch the selected events in Virtual Reality 360.
  • Able to watch a bunch of video clips including interviews with the players.
  • Able to watch 4K HDR effect in Chromecast and Android TV as well.
  • Along with football, BT sport offers to watch boxing events, WWE, Challenging cups, Motorsports, Racing, and so on.

How to Install BT sport on the LG smart TV?

Luckily, if your BT sport is compatible with LG OS, you can proceed with the following steps.

BT Sport on LG Smart TVBT Sport on LG Smart TV

Install BT Sport on LG Smart TV


First off, take your LG Tv remote. Press down the settings button. Meanwhile, fix the uninterrupted WIFI Internet access.


Next, press the Home icon located on the upper to the directional pad. This will show up all the available menu options at the bottom of the LG screen.


Navigate to the right side using a TV remote. If you find an LG content store, stop there and press the center button.


LG content store is the place where you can explore a bunch of applications. In addition to the apps, you can see TV shows and movies.


You can see the major categories of LG TV such as Hot, New, All, and My apps.  From these sections, sort out the All option.


It will generalize the apps. Pick the BT Sport app and download it.

How to Cast BT sport app on LG Smart TV using the Firestick?

Many of the LG TV users posted that, they couldn’t find the BT app on the LG content store. In such cases, you can use Amazon FireTV devices. Since BT sport is highly integrated with the Amazon app store.

In simple words,

  • Insert the Firestick device into the rear side of the LG smart TV.
  • Connect your TV and casting device under the same hotspot.
  • At the same time, install the BT sport app or BT TV application on your smartphone. Start to stream the live sports on the mobile app.
  • At this spot, press the cast icon on the mobile device.
  • Pick your Firestick name. Within a minute, the BT sport will cast on your Firestick-connected TV.

What do you need to access BT sport?

  • Valid BT Sport subscription
  • Valid BT ID

Get ready with these necessary credentials to access the BT sport. Moreover, anyone can quickly download the BT mobile application from their respective store.

What are all the devices that BT sport compatible with?

Most of the time, you cannot directly install the BT sport in the Lg content store. Instead, you can use Firestick to cast the app from the smartphone to your TV.

Apart from Firestick, you can access it from Chromecast, Roku streaming player, and Xbox streamings too.  

Final Verdict

It is to be mentioned that, it is hard to stream BT sport on LG tv without using external streaming services like Firestick. So that, it is most preferable to make the HDMI connection.

Fortunately, if you get the service directly from the content store, that is a good way to go. After the successful installation, update the app soon to stream some latest sports video content on a big screen. That’s all with BT sport on LG smart TV.

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