How to Install Flash Player on Samsung Smart TV? [Complete Guide]

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Flash Player on Samsung TV: As a Samsung TV user, you are in the right place if you search for the best app to access multimedia content. The smart TV that we use allows us to access various media types from our comfort. It is also essential to have a media organizer for a seamless streaming experience on your Samsung TV.

Today we are here with one such app. Flash Player helps you access multimedia content, web browsers, games, and much more on your streaming device. In addition, the Flash Player can also act as a media player that can play the videos on your device.

You can access website apps and various flash applications using the Flash player app. The following content will give you the best methods to install Flash Player on your Samsung smart TV. 

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What is Flash Player?

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In simple words, Flash Player is computer software created to access the content on the Adobe Flash platform. The Flash player allows you to access the contents created on Flash. You can access various applications, websites, games, videos, flash content, and diverse multimedia content with the respective player. You may also be known to this software by “Shockwave Flash.”

This software was first introduced by Macromedia and then acquired by Adobe. From the first launch of Flash Player in 1996, this software has been a great success for the past 26 years. But what is the present condition of this epic app? Is it possible to install a Flash player on Samsung smart TV? Let’s find the answer to all your questions in the following segment. 

How to Install Flash Player on Samsung Smart TV?

Flash Player on Samsung TVFlash Player on Samsung TV

How to Install Flash Player on Samsung TV?

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Unfortunately, the Flash Player has been discontinued, and it is not possible to install it on your smart tv. However, with the development in technology, browsers nowadays have built-in flash players.

So there is no need to install Adobe Flash Player separately. But it does not mean that you cannot get the Flash Player on Samsung smart TV. There are some possible workarounds that we have discussed in the following method. 

Step 1:

Initially, Open a browser on your PC or laptop and ensure that it has an active internet connection.

Step 2:

Then navigate to Adobe’s official website. 

Step 3:

Download the Flash Player or Shockwave Flash player APK on your device.

Step 4:

Then, open the Flash Player APK on your PC.

Step 5:

Click “YES” if you are met with a security warning.

Step 6:

Now navigate to the folder where all the downloaded files will be saved on your PC.

Step 7:

Connect a USB storage and data transfer device to your PC.

Step 8:

Transfer the Adobe Flash Player file from your PC to the USB device.

Step 9:

Safely remove the USB drive and connect it to the USB port on your Samsung TV.

NOTE: Make sure that your Samsung Smart TV is in developer mode.

Step 10:

If your Samsung TV has successfully detected the USB drive, move on to the Software Upgrade option.

Step 11:

Once the Software Upgrade is complete, you can start using the Adobe Flash Player on your Samsung TV. 


Is Flash Player available on Samsung TV?

No. There is no official Flash Player app available on the Samsung app store to download on your smart TV. As a result, you have to go with the sideloading methods to get the Flash Player on your device. 

Is Flash Player free?

Yes. The Flash Player software acts as a built-in media player and organizer that is entirely free to install and use on compatible devices. 


I hope the above-given methods will be helpful to install and use the Flash Player on your smart TV. Indeed the Flash Player was discontinued for various reasons. So you have to go with other trustable websites if you can’t find the Flash Player APK on Adobe’s website. We have discussed the possible methods to get the Flash Player on your Samsung smart TV in the above-given article. Refer to the above post for more clarity. 

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