How to Install HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV? [Updated 2022]

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HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV: Good day peeps! It’s always cool to binge on movies, series, and demanded video content. To do so, we have many OTT platforms in service. HBO is one such streaming platform, which provides many services such as HBO Go, HBO Now, HBO Max.

The HBO Max is a premium TV, which came into the field around May 2020. It is just going to be 3 months of launch, yet it has gained around 4 million users. This implies the worth of HBO Max. This write-up will show How to watch HBO Max on your Samsung Smart TV?.

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Table of Contents

What is HBO Max?

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HBO Max is a premium online streaming entertainment service that serves only in the United States. The HBO Max provides all the video content from HBO and also streams from other streaming sites by having tie-ups.

The HBO Max is owned and built by AT&T’s Warner Media Entertainment. It is designed in order to provide the HBO users with a vast amount of content of the mainstream HBO and some third-party on-demand content. These include for all ages of people ie., from kids to old aged people.

 The HBO Max’s shows are documentaries, animations, top shows, reality shows, series, films, and whatnot. As the video content is larger, so is the cost.

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HBO Max offers around 2,000+ movies and premium video content around 10,000 hours.  This sounds huge right. The HBO Max is quite expensive compared to the other online streaming services. It costs $14.99/month along with 7 days of a free trial. The subscription is worth your money.

This provides the users also with the content of 100 years such as Looney Tunes, CN, CNN, and many video contents. The flaw is that the HBO Max isn’t available for some devices such as Roku,  Amazon fire stick, etc.

Around 20 million users are under HBO service. Whereas only 4 million users are under HBO Max. It is a great opportunity for HBO users to make use of HBO Max as it is of no additional cost for them.

It supports devices like Android TV, YouTube TV, Apple TV, Samsung TVs, Google Chromecast, Xbox One, Android Phone/Tablet, iPhone/iPad, Web Browsers, Hulu, AT&T, Altice USA, Cox Communications, DirecTV/AT&T TV, National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), and Verizon customers.

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How to Download and Install HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV?

 HBO Max is mostly not compatible with many Smart TVs. Only a few devices can have the option of direct download and installation of the HBO Max app. The HBO Max App stream on Samsung Smart TV without any external device. To know whether your Samsung Smart TV model can stream HBO Max, you can get access to it in the Samsung Web listing.

Hbo Max on Samsung Smart TVHbo Max on Samsung Smart TV
how to install Hbo Max on Samsung Smart TV

Step 1: 

Turn on your Samsung Smart TV.

Step 2:

On your Samsung Smart TV remote, press the Smart hub button.

Step 3:

Then Go to Apps.

Step 4:

Sign in with your Samsung account keep create one.

Step 5:

Type HBO Max on the search icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 6:

Click on the install option on the HBO Max main page.

Step 7:

Now the HBO Max App gets downloaded and it will be installed.

Step 8:

Sign In or Sign Up to HBO Max.

That’s it… You have successfully installed HBOMax on Samsung TV.

How to Activate HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV?

Step 1:

Launch the HBOMax on your Samsung TV.

Step 2:

Click the Sign In.

Step 3:

A code will be displayed on your screen.

Step 4:

Note down the code, Open the chrome browser on your PC.

Step 5:


Step 6:

Enter the code on your PC screen.

Step 7:

Click Next.

Step 8:

After entering the code on your PC, it will activate HBO Max on your Samsung TV.

Step 9:

Go back and launch the HBO Max on Samsung TV

Now stream HBO Max on your Samsung Smart TV and binge-watching movies and series.

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Wrapping Up

To wrap up, HBO Max gained around 4 million users within 2 months. This is because of its video content which is suitable for people of all ages. You can watch documentaries, series, scripted,  unscripted, etc. Hope you came to know how to watch HBO Max on your Samsung Smart TV by reading this article. Thank you..!

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