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IPTV is the best cord-cutter that allows you to stream plenty of movies and TV shows at an affordable price. The IPTV delivers live TV channels, movies, and video-on-demand via the internet using your Internet Protocol (IP). IPTVs are supported on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Firestick, Xbox, and Playstation consoles. There is no dedicated IPTV app available for Playstation consoles. However, you can stream IPTV by using Plex. The installation process is not straightforward and takes time. If you are using a PS3 & PS4, then this guide is for you. In this article, let us discuss how to install IPTV on PS4 or PS3

How to Get IPTV on PS4 & PS3


  • PlayStation
  • A desktop to install Plex

Install Plex on your Desktop

1. Open a browser on your desktop and visit the website

2. Click on the Sign-Up button.

Install Plex on your Desktop

3. Enter a valid mail ID and password to create a Plex account.

Sign Up -Plex

4. After logging into Plex, click on the My Account button on the home page of Plex.

Tap My Account

5. Click on the Downloads option.

Select Downloads

6. Again, click on the Download button. The .exe file will start downloading.

Click Download

7. Once downloaded, click on the file and install it on your PC.

Install Plex on your Desktop to stream IPTV on PS4 & PS3

8. Once the app gets installed, click Launch to open the file.

Tap Launch

9. You will be navigated to the Plex website. Sign in to the Plex using your login credentials.

10. On the new screen, rename the server and tap Next. Then, tick the box Allow me to access my media outside my home.

Change the server name

Download IPTV Bundle Pack & Install it on Plex

1. Go to the Github website and search for Cigars IPTV or click here.

2. Click on the Clone or Download button.

Click Clone or download

3. Now download the Zip file by clicking on the Download Zip File button.

Tap Download Zip

4. Extract the zip file and change the folder name from iptv. bundle-master to iptv. bundle. Then, paste it into the folder given below:

C:\Users\<System Name>\AppData\Local\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins

Note: App Data folder might be hidden. Click on the View tab on the tools bar and select display hidden folders.

5. Now go to C:\Users\<System Name>\AppData\Local\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins\IPTV.bundle\Contents\Resources. You will find a file name playlist.m3u. Replace the playlist with a new playlist of your choice.

Select the M3U Playlist file

6. Open the Plex TV app installed earlier. It will open in a browser. Click on the Plugins button in the sidebar. You will find the playlist added to your Plex.

IPTV on Plex

Install Plex on PlayStation

1. Open Playstation Store on PS4 or PS3 and install the Plex App.

Install Plex on PS3 & PS4

2. The Plex app will display a four-digit pin. Go to the website on your desktop and enter the pin to log in to your account.

Link Plex to PS4 and PS3.

3. You will be able to see the list of channels that you added earlier.

Note: Plex app should be kept open all the time on your PC while using it on your PlayStation.

These are the steps required to install IPTV on PS3 & PS4. Thus, you can add your favorite IPTV playlists on plex and watch them on PS3 & PS4. As there is no dedicated IPTV application available for PlayStation, you have to use this method to install IPTV. If Cigars IPTV is not working, download another IPTV zip file from GitHub. Before streaming IPTV content, make sure to install and set up a VPN on PS3 and PS4.

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