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Using a good quality player on your device will give you a great experience of watching movies or listening to music. There are so many players available on the internet that provide the same quality. But you have to pick one that perfectly goes with your device.

Not every player will provide you the same quality service. Our experts had detailed research on the player quality and easiness in the installation process. They have picked the perfect player that is easy to install and perfectly matches your Firestick and Android device.

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Here, we will give you a vast and detailed process on how to install Perfect Player on Firestick & Android. Those player installation processes are not only just for android and amazon Firestick users. Windows users, both 32 bits and 64 bits can use the same installation process.

How to Install Perfect Player on Firestick

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t store Perfect Player to use in Firestick. You have to download it by using a downloader app. We’ve demonstrated the steps to make your way easy to install the perfect player on your Firestick.

  • Go to the main menu and scroll over settings, and select “settings.”
  • Then, click on “My Fire TV” on the screen.
  • After clicking on that, you’ll see a list of options and select “Developer Options.”
  • Then you’ll see “Apps from unknown source” on the screen; select it.
  • After that, go back to the Home screen and select the Search icon.
  • Type “Downloader” in it and Select the Downloader App.
  • Click on the downloading icon and click Open.
  • Then click on Allow if presented with this prompt.
  • Then you’ll be shown a quick start guide; click “OK.”
  • Type the URL on the box and click “GO.”
  • Wait for the download to be finished.
  • Then open the file and click “install,” and select “Done.”
  • Go back to the Downloader App and Delete the file by selecting “Delete” twice.
  • Then, return to the device Home Screen and go for Perfect player.
  • Hold the Options button and click on “Move.”
  • After that, move the Perfect player wherever you want.
  • It’s over! Now, you’ve the Perfect Player on your device and click on it to start using Firestick.



How to Install Perfect Player on Android

So, you’ve got an Android phone, a tablet, or an Android TV box? It is easier to get access and download Perfect Player on any Android device. It is easier because you need not download any downloader app. You can install the Perfect Player by following just some simple steps given below.

  • Go to the Home Screen and Tap on “Google Play Store.”
  • After entering into the Play Store, select the Search icon.
  • Type “Perfect Player” on it and select the “search” option.
  • Click on “Download” once you see the app icon.
  • Wait till the downloading process is finished.
  • After that, click “install.”
  • Click “ok” and “Agree” every time before the installation process ends.
  • Now, it is all done. And your Perfect Player is ready to play.

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Features & Benefits of Perfect Player

This app provides menu and information facilities that allow users to watch videos with minimum actions.

  • This player has a scalable interface that runs with any screen resolution.
  • The perfect Player also allows IPTV channel grouping and EPG
  • This player also supports local file watching from SD Card, USB, and so on.
  • Perfect player playlist supports M3U, XSPF, XMLTV, and JTV EPG formats.
  • The Perfect Player also supports udpxy (UDP-to-HTTP proxy) server.
  • It also can be controlled by remote, mouse, keyboard, gamepad.
  • The Perfect Player App supports the Perfect Cast IPTV remote control app.
  • The Perfect Player is best to use for Android, Firestick, and Windows 10 supported devices.


  • This application is so fast and doesn’t take too much time to load.
  • There will not be too many advertisements on the app while using the full version of Perfect Player.
  • The set-up process of this app is not that time consuming and easy too.
  • This app can be controlled by remote, mouse, and keyboard.
  • It allows you to play secondary channels on any device.


  • The Perfect Player app doesn’t contain any channels, so you need to add playlists from your chosen configuration.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does a perfect player work on Firestick?

Yes, absolutely. Perfect Player works so smoothly on the Firestick device. However, the installation process on Firestick is not that easy because you can’t download it directly on Firestick. However, you need a downloader app to install the Perfect Player. Sometimes the perfect player does not work on a firestick if some of the files on its crack.

How can I find a perfect player?

If you’re an Android user, it’s easy to find it on the Google play store. But if you’re using Amazon Firestick, you’ve to download a downloader app first and then install the perfect player apk for firestick.

How do you unlock the full version of the perfect player?

If you install the Perfect Player IPTV apk from the Amazon App store, you can’t unlock its full version. You must need to have a proper Amazon account to get the full version of the App. There are no other options apart from the official app stores to unlock the full version of Perfect Player.

How do I update my perfect player?

There will be an update notification for the Perfect App in the Google Play Store for Android users. If you get the Notification, you need to google play store and update the App. If the auto-update of your device is on, the App will be updated automatically.

What is the perfect player full version?

Perfect Player IPTV is a video player developed by Niklabs Software. The full version of the app allows the user to unlock so many features in it. You can enjoy so many features of this app by unlocking it. The full version allows easy and pleasant watching videos with a minimum user action, and there will be no ads on it.

Is the perfect player free?

The Perfect Player Application is a free application available in the google play store. But the Full version of the Application costs some bucks. You’ve to pay for unlocking the full version and getting all the features available for the users.

Which player is best for Amazon FireStick?

MX Player. MX Player is another powerful multimedia player you can use to play audio and video files on your Fire Stick device. This software supports almost all file types and formats, including MP3, AAC, AC-3, and much more.

How do I add channels to perfect player?

If you have an EPG URL, click EPG (URL or file path) and enter that information, then click OK again. Now click the back button until you are back to the Perfect Player main control panel. You should see a message that says “updating.” Wait a few seconds for your channel menu to load in Perfect Player


Now you know how to install Perfect Player on Firestick & Android. This Perfect Player IPTV is a set-top type media player to play and watch videos with many extra features. This Player App is available in Google Playstore and Amazon Appstore, and users can easily find them. The App doesn’t contain any channel of it, but the users are allowed to add playlists in the App’s settings.

For the normal version of this app, you don’t have to pay a single penny for enjoying the app, but you have to purchase it for the full version. The Full version of this app allows more user benefit rather than the free one. This app’s installation process is so easy that anyone can install it by reading our article on it.

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