How to Install Spectrum TV on Sony Smart TV? [Updated 2022]

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Spectrum TV on Sony TV: In this article, we are going to learn about Spectrum TV and its works. Spectrum TV is s streaming service. It provides a lot of content to its users.

You can access Spectrum TV on your smart TV easily. This article will teach you how to get Spectrum TV on Sony TV. Let’s get into the article to know more interesting facts about Spectrum.

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 What is Spectrum?

Spectrum is an American subscription-based online streaming service. It is owned by Charter Communications. The Spectrum contains a lot of features like Program titles, Filter content by category, Network names, Sort by channel number, Parental Control, Offline streaming, DVR recording, and so on.

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With Spectrum, you can access 250+ live TV channels and 50,000+ shows. Also, it provides Movies, Sports, Series, News, and TV shows, etc. It is available on all platforms like Roku, Firestick, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, LG Smart TV, Vizio Smart TV, and more.

Subscription Plans of Spectrum TV

As said before, Spectrum is a subscription-based streaming service. It has three types of subscription plans, they are

  • Select: You can stream 125+ channels on this pack.
  • Silver: It offers 175+channels to its users.
  • Gold: This pack will give you 200+ channels to stream.

How to Download Spectrum TV on Sony TV?

All Sony TVs have an in-built Spectrum TV app. In case, you can not find it, no problem just follow the below step-by-step procedure to download the Spectrum TV app on your Sony TV.

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Spectrum on Sony TVSpectrum on Sony TV

How to Install and Watch Spectrum on Sony TV?

 Step 1:

Power on your Sont TV and connect with a wifi connection.

 Step 2:

On the Home Page on your smart TV, go to the Apps section.

 Step 3:

Then, under the App column, select the Google Play Store.

 Step 7:

On Google Play Store, go to the search bar and search for the Spectrum app.

 Step 8:

Now, Click on the Install button to install Spectrum TV on your desired device.

 Step 9:

After the installation process, open the app and stream your favorite content.

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Alternative ways to download Spectrum TV

Sometimes, you can not find the Spectrum TV app on Google Play Store. At the time you can go for Streaming devices like Firestick, Chromecast, Roku, and Xbox One.

Or else, you can download Spectrum TV on your mobile and cast it to your TV by using the Screen Mirroring method.

How to Watch Spectrum TV on Sony Smart TV?

After the installation process, to stream your favorite Spectrum content you have to do some steps. Follow the below procedure carefully.

 Step 1:

Initially, to Sign in Spectrum TV app, go to the official website on your PC.

 Step 2:

Select Sign in and Create a new account.

 Step 3:

Now, select the subscription plan for your convenience and pay for it.

 Step 4:

Then, go to the TV and open the Spectrum TV app.

 Step 5:

Now, select sign in and provide all your Log in details.

 Step 6:

You can choose your favorite content on your Spectrum app and watch it on your Smart TV.


Is Spectrum TV available on Sony Smart TV?

Yes, you can directly Install the Spectrum TV app on your Sony Smart TV.

Spectrum TV compatible devices?

Spectrum TV app is compatible with Roku, Firestick, Samsung Smart TV, and Xbox. Also, it allows you to Chromecast its content to the TV from your mobile.

Is the Spectrum app free on Sony TV?

No, you have to subscribe to stream Spectrum TV app content. It has three types of subscription plans like Select, Silver, and Gold.


We hope, this article will provide you all information about Spectrum app TV and its works. Use the above steps to easily install the Spectrum TV app on your Sony Smart TV. Spectrum provides a lot of content and allows you to stream it on your desired devices.

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