How to Install Talk TV on Samsung Smart TV? [Updated 2022]

Talk TV on Samsung Smart TV: Life is an experience. And News is one of the significant things that makes you experience the happenings around you.

So yes, today, our article is all about the perfect News streaming service you can get on a Samsung TV.

Indeed, Talk TV is a British News channel that features some news and brick-breaking talk shows.

Accordingly, it includes three native programmes The Talk, The News Desk, and Piers Morgan Uncensored.

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And the channel features some of your favorite presenters like Ian Collins, Rob Rinder, Piers Morgan, James Max, and many more.

Currently, the Talk TV channel has been operated by News UK and is available worldwide.

As of now, the Talk TV channel is compatible with various Android and iOS platforms.

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In that way, the following article examines the possibility and gives you the ways of installing Talk TV on Samsung TV. 

Is Talk TV available on Samsung TV?

Yes, it is possible to access the Talk TV channel on Samsung TV. But it involves some workarounds. 

Even though it is not straightforward, there is a built-in application on Samsung TV to access the TalkTV channel.

And that is Samsung TV Plus. Furtherly, the below-given methods will guide you in watching Talk TV on Samsung Smart TV. 

  • Via Samsung TV Plus app
  • Via Screencast

How to Install and Watch Talk TV on Samsung Smart TV?

As I said earlier, you can watch Talk TV on Samsung TV using the Samsung TV Plus application.

Talk TV on Samsung Smart TV
Talk TV on Samsung Smart TV

How to Install Talk TV on Samsung Smart TV?

Seemingly, Samsung TV Plus is a video streaming app that offers live channels and movies, including Talk TV.

Continue reading the following steps to install and watch Talk TV on Samsung TV.

Step 1:

 Initially, Turn On your Samsung TV and ensure that it has an internet connection.

Step 2:

Then, navigate to the Apps section from the home screen.

Step 3:

Search for the Samsung TV Plus application. 

Step 4:

Click on the Install button. 

Step 5:

Launch the installed Samsung TV Plus app and log in with your Samsung account credentials.

Step 6:

Navigate to the News section and search for channel number 4316 to access the TalkTV channel. 

How to Watch Talk TV on Samsung Smart TV via Screencast?

No worries if you are using an older Samsung TV. Indeed, the Samsung TV Plus app may not be available on the older models.

In such a case, you can go with the screencast method to watch Talk TV on Samsung Smart TV. Let’s get into the primary procedure.

Step 1:

Firstly, connect your Samsung TV and smartphone to the same Wifi network.

Step 2:

Then, install the desired Talk TV app on either of your Android/iOS smartphone. 

Step 3:

Open the TalkTV app and complete the initial setup process.

Step 4:

Ensure that you enable the Chromecast or Screencast option on your Samsung TV.

Step 5:

Now tap on the Cast or Airplay icon on the app. 

Step 6:

Choose the name of your Samsung TV from the list of devices. 

Step 7:

Finally, you can watch your favorite Talk TV shows on your Samsung TV. 


Hopefully, we have mentioned the clearcut methods to install and watch Talk TV on your Samsung TV.

I hope the above-given methods will be helpful and satisfactory. Indeed, the Talk TV app is not directly available on the Samsung app store.

But you can install the Samsung TV Plus application to watch Talk TV shows. Thank you for choosing our article. 

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