How to Install Terrarium TV on Firestick? [Simple Method 2022]

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Terrarium TV on Firestick: You all must be aware of the closing of Terrarium TV. Terrarium TV is one of the firestick applications. This is a great loss for the people who enjoy watching Netflix alike Tv shows without spending money. Terrarium never charges for watching their contents. It actually supports the device with android. But due to some issues terrarium is no longer available in the market. In this article, we will describe the way to watch the Terrarium TV on firestick.

Terrarium TV on firestickTerrarium TV on firestick
Terrarium TV on firestick

Terrarium application is not available now but you can use it mod version instead of the regular version. So following the tutorial given will help you to enjoy watching the Terrarium application.

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How to Install the Terrarium TV on a firestick?

I am here to suggest two methods to download and install the Terrarium TV on a firestick:

  • By using the Downloader app
  • With Apps2Fire

How to install the Terrarium TV with the Downloader app?

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People used the original Terrarium TV version once with Yes player but it is no longer getting downloaded. So Modified version is downloaded and played with MX Player. Follow the steps to install the app.

  • First of all, you have to enable the apps from unknown sources in your settings
  • Download MX Player on your Firestick
  • Now get into the Downloader App
  • On the home screen of the downloader app, there appears URL Box
  • Paste the link to the Terrarium TV app
  • select GO
  • After the installation completed you can open the terrarium tv
  • Make sure your MX player app is installed prior
  • Now open the app from apps and channels
  • Select OK for the prompt appearing first.
  • Set the MX Player as the default for terrarium tv.
  • Now you are ready to enjoy the Terrarium TV.

How to install the Terrarium TV on firestick with Apps2fire?

I think this method of installation is comfortable than others. All you need is to have a modified application of the Terrarium TV on your smartphone. Let’s look into the steps to follow

  • You have to enable ADB debugging in your firestick settings.
  • Check for the IP address in your firestick network
  • To continue this method you have to install the Terrarium TV on your smartphone.
  • Also, download the Apps2fire from the Play store.
  • On the home screen of the Apps2fire select Setup, add the IP Address of the firestick
  • After this go to Local apps and install the Terrarium TV.
  • This will directly install the application in your Firestick.
  • Now enjoy watching your favorite shows and have fun.


Are free apps available on Firestick?

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There are certain apps which is totally free on firestick. Some of them are TV Tap, Swift streams, RedBox TV, Kodi, etc.

Best Alternatives to Terrarium TV?

Here I will suggest to you some alternatives to Terrarium TV. They are Cinema APK, Titanium TV, CyberFlix TV, CatMouse APK, UnlockMy TV, Kodi, etc.

What replaced Terrarium TV on Firestick?

Right now People find it easier to install Titanium on Firestick. Certainly, it shows the same features as Terrarium.


The main reason for the growth of Terrarium TV was it streamed various kinds of shows and movies without charging a penny. People kind of fell in love with this app and the sudden disappearance of this app made a huge impact on the users. This article is mainly for those Terrarium TV users who really want to get back to the application. Here I have described the methods to install and enjoy watching Terrarium TV. Hope this article is useful for you. Enjoy watching.

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