How to Install & Watch Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV? [Updated]

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Hi friends! Do you have the habit of discovering something new always? If yes, technology brings out the platform for you. The name is Discovery+. As many of us know that, Discovery has the pride of delivering factual content on mass media.

In addition to that, it stretched out its bandwidth with on-demand streaming channels via a new stand-alone application. That is Discovery Plus. Thankfully, it is adaptable in the branded televisions.

Are you here to check out your Samsung TV in the Discovery+ supported device list? Yes! It is here. Let us discuss the simple ways to stream Discovery+ content on Smart TV briefly.

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Discovery +

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The native application of Discovery+ is rolling out on almost all brands of Smart TVs. It is the latest media streaming app with a massive volume of original content.

Any users can buy this app free of cost on their mobile devices. But, the subscriptions are not free well as not charge you much. Therefore, you should spend only 4.99 per month to access this service.

Additionally, you can choose a 6.99/month plan to get ad-free streaming. This package includes more than 55,000 hours of episodes. Moreover, you can install the Discovery+ app from Play Store, App Store, and supportive television stores. Once you install the app, you will excite to explore the features it offers.

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What you have to check first?

Checklist: Before going to rinse out your Samsung TV application store, you have to check out the following first.

  • Ensure that the model of your Samsung Smart TV is 2017 or above.
  • You should use the updated version of the Samsung TV OS.

Luckily, the users from the year 2017 are compatible with the native app of Discovery+ on your Samsung TV. Perhaps, if your face any issue even though you are a 2017 user. You might not have noticed that you are currently using the un-updated version. Kindly upgrade your Samsung OS to the latest version.

How to Install Discovery Plus app on Samsung smart TV?

Have you checked out the above-stated requirements? All set! Now, we are halfway through finishing up the installation process.

discovery plus on Samsung Smart TVdiscovery plus on Samsung Smart TV

how to Install and Watch discovery plus on Samsung Smart TV


First of all, switch on your Samsung TV and connect with Internet access.


Then, take the TV remote and press the Home button to land on the Samsung TV Home screen.


With the use of the directional pad, you can move left or right. Here, navigate your remote access to get into the apps section. Place your remote on apps and press the center (ok) button.


Next, Jump on the search box by clicking the hand lens icon. Here, enter the name Discovery Plus. Select the Discovery+ app, and highlight the install button.


Wait for some time when the installation gets over. After that, you can go inside the Discovery + app. Now, you can see two options named open and Add to Home.


Finally, click the add to home option to move the Discovery+ app under the Home Screen. It will minimize your searching time for frequent access.

To continue streaming the app after finishing the above steps, you must have an active subscription. If you have already done with the subscription, you can open the app to start streaming. Or else, you have to focus on Discovery+ subscriptions.

How do I subscribe to Discovery+?

However, we are used to doing subscribing process with web browsers. So, let us start subscribing to Discovery Plus via its official website.

  1. First up, open any of the web browsers you have. Before that, turn on the Internet access on your device.
  2. Next, visit the official website of Discovery Plus. Hit the sign-up button.
  3. If you are opening a new account, you can use the Start Free Trial feature.
  4. On the next screen, you will prompt to choose the plan. Select the one you want.
  5. Now, move on to click the create a new account And then, you need to fill up the billing information section of Discovery+.
  6. Now, you can proceed with the installation procedure of Discovery + on your TV. Furthermore, you can view the app under the Samsung Smart Hub.
  7. This section shows the recently installed applications. From here, you can pick the Discovery Plus application.
  8. Do follow the on-screen instruction to log in with the streaming service.

Well done! Hey Samsung Users, you are good to go further. Start to stream the original documentaries, video clippings, shorts, Animal Planet, and more on your big TV screen.


Why can’t I get the Discovery plus on Samsung smart Hub?

It may be, your Samsung TV model released before the year 2017. Unfortunately, Discovery+ is not natively compatible with the 2016 or below to the year of Samsung TV models. We have listed the necessary checklists in this article. Kindly review it.

Can I cast Discovery Plus on the Samsung TV?

Yeah. Actually, mirroring is the best idea to watch whatever on big TV without many restrictions. Once you install it on the compact device, you can start the mirroring.

Luckily, the Android and iPhones support the Discovery+ service. So, you can either use Chromecast or AirPlay to cast the mobile screen on the Samsung TV.

Bottom  Line

Have you noted the possibilities to get the Discovery Plus on your Samsung TV? I hope this article delivers enough matters to get detailed knowledge about Discovery+ on Samsung TV.

Importantly, check out the model number before proceeding with the downloading process. If you find trouble getting the native app, use the Chromecast method.

That’s all we thought to share with you through this article. This write-up helps you to install the new streaming media app on your Samsung smart TV.

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