How to Install YouTube TV on Skyworth Smart TV? [Updated Guide 2022]

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YouTube TV on Skyworth Smart TV: Hello Dudes, Are you looking for a streaming service for lower cost along with a lot of content? Have you tried searching for many contents relating to the streaming service? 

Then finally, your query will be resolved by reading this article. To know the installation procedure and its subscription plans then, you have to look through the article.

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About YouTube TV

Moreover, you can definitely choose YouTube TV because one of the major advantages of using it was you can watch the videos offline. This is possible because of Cloud DVR Storage so that you can save your data.

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In case if you are looking for some popular channels, then you are lucky as you can also get those channels here. ABC, CNN, Lifetime, Food Network, HGTV, and many more are available on YouTube TV.

However, you can also launch the app on various devices like Android, iOS, PC, and Smart TV. An additional benefit of using YouTube TV is that you can use nearly six profiles with one single subscription.


  • You can use six profiles with one account.
  • Two weeks free trial period.
  • Moreover, you can get Cloud DVR Storage at an extra cost.
  • You can view the recordings for almost nine months.
  • Once you cancel your recording, then it will be available for 21 days.

How to Install YouTube TV on Skyworth Smart TV?

Installing apps on your Android Smart TV is similar to launching the app on your smartphone as it does not take a complicated procedure to launch the app. Suppose, if your YouTube TV is not pre-installed, you can use the simple process below to proceed to further action.

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YouTube TV on Skyworth Smart TVYouTube TV on Skyworth Smart TV

How to Install YouTube TV on Skyworth Smart TV?

Step 1:

Initially, power on your Skyworth Smart TV and open the Home screen.

Step 2:

Secondly, launch the Apps tab and hover to the Google Play Store option.

Step 3:

On the upcoming screen, tackle to the search icon and on the search bar type as YouTube TV.

Step 4:

Now kindly hit on the search icon and look for similar apps from the list of apps displayed.

Step 5:

To download the apps, tap on the install button next to the YouTube TV app.

Step 6:

Once the app gets launched, open the app and head on to the Settings option.

Step 7:

Under the settings option, make a click on the Link TV with Code option.

Step 8:

Once you tap on the option, your smart tv will display an activation code on the screen.

Step 9:

Now open the web browser on your smartphone or PC and visit the YouTube TV official site.

Step 10:

Once you visit the site, you have to fill in the activation code on the given code box.

Step 11:

Once you have entered the code, then tap on the Continue button.

Step 12:

Finally, tap on the Sign-in option and give your account credentials to proceed to watch the content on the big screen.


Does YouTube TV is available on Skyworth Smart TV?

Yes, you can directly launch the YouTube TV on Skyworth Smart TV by navigating to the Google Play Store.

Does YouTube TV have a free trial?

Moreover, if you are a new subscriber, then you can have a free trial period for almost two weeks, and then you can subscribe to watch more.

Final Verdict

Finally, we conclude by delivering a message that YouTube TV streams unlimited content for a budget-friendly cost. In addition, for subscribing to $64.99 per month, you can stream movies, shows, news, sports, and a lot more.

Suppose you are holding some other smart tv brand and wish to get YouTube TV on those brands, then make sure to visit our article and search for the content under the categories section.

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