How to Mute a Conversation in Facebook Messenger? – IPTV Guide

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Mute Facebook Messenger Conversation: Hey guys! In this article, we are going to discuss one of the popular social media platforms and how to turn off the notifications in it. Social media is one of the most important and entertainment platforms for this generation. 

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These social media platforms allow you to share your post with your friends, communicate with anyone who had an account on the same platform. Likewise, today we are seeing about Facebook and how to use this.

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Everyone knows about Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular and famous social media platforms. It has worldwide users. Also, Facebook gives a lot of features for its users. And it is a chatting app and it notifying you when you get a message from anyone. Yeah, this is a good thing, but sometimes we feel very annoying because of continuous messages or notifications. 

To avoid those continuous notifications, Facebook introduces one super cool feature. With this feature, you can mute the conversation at your convenience. Let’s get into the article.

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What Happens when you mute a notification on Facebook?

Even you mute a conversation, you will get a notification from the conversation that you mute. It just turns off the notification only. At the same time, the sender will not know that you have muted that person. You can mute that person or group permanently or for an hour, it depends upon your convenience. 

How to Mute a Conversation on Facebook on Mobile?

If you use Facebook on your Mobile phone, then you can use the below steps to mute the conversation.

How to Mute a Conversation in Facebook Messenger?

Step 1:

Firstly, open Facebook Messenger on your mobile.

Step 2:

Then, select the conversation and long-press it when the menu appears.

Step 3:

On Menu, select Mute notifications.

Step 4:

Then, Select Mute message and call notifications.

Step 5:

Now, you will get an until options, there choose Until I turn it back on.

How to Mute a Conversation on Facebook Messanger on Desktop?

You can also use Facebook on your PC. It is compatible with all devices.

Step 1:

On your desktop, open a web browser and go to

Step 2:

Then, sign in to your Facebook account. 

Step 3:

Select the Messenger and click on See all in Messengers. You can also use to open the messages.

Step 4:

Choose the chat which you want to mute, then select Privacy & Support.

Step 5:

Then, choose Mute conversation.

Step 6:

Now, select the duration of how long you want to mute that person, click on it Until I turn it back on.

Personalizing Notifications for a conversation on Facebook

With Facebook, you can mute or turned it off, on the notifications for specific things. Follow the below steps to do the process.

Step 1:

Launch the Facebook Messenger app.

Step 2:

Select the chat in which you want to mute the notification.

Step 3:

Then, Choose the Information button.

Step 4:

Under the Privacy option, select Notifications.

Step 5:

Now, turn on or off the Reactions, calls, mentions, and so on.


How to mute someone’s on a Facebook messenger call?

To mute someone’s call, go to their chat and click on the information button. Under the privacy, turn off calls.

How to mute someone in a messenger group chat?

Go to the group and select their profile. Then, click the conversation until the menu appears. Now, you can select the mute option and how long do you want to mute the person. 


You will get an idea from this article to mute the notification on Facebook. You can easily mute or unmute someone or groups. Also, Facebook allows you to turn on or off some specific features on any conversation. Use the above instructions to turn it off.

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