How to Perform a Factory Reset on TCL Roku TV [Complete Guide]

Are you experiencing any lag or performance issues on your TCL Roku TV? It might be due to some app crashes or issues in the internal storage of apps. Are you in a plan to reset your device? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. Yes, today we are going to discuss the methods on how to reset on TCL Roku TV? A reset can be done in order to resolve some technical glitches or network connectivity issues with your device. A factory data reset will wash away all the data on your desired device. Come, let’s get into the content.

Factory Reset TCL Roku TV
How to Factory Reset TCL Roku TV

How to Reset a TCL Roku TV

It is very simple to perform a factory data reset on your TCL Roku TV. Before getting into the process you have to beware of some points. Yes, as I said earlier performing a factory data reset will wash away all the data including app storage, passwords, everything on your device. It’s better to transfer the data that are important to an external storage device. Make sure that your TCL Roku TV has an active internet connection and then continue with the process.

STEP1: Initially, navigate to the Home screen of your TCL Roku TV.

STEP2: Click on the Settings option.

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STEP3: Select System settings.

STEP4: Then tap on the Advanced system settings.

STEP5: Click on the Factory Reset option.

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STEP6: Confirm your action by clicking on the Factory reset everything option.

STEP7: Enter the code displayed on the screen and click OK to reboot TCL Roku TV.

Once the reset process completes, again you have to sign in with your Roku account credentials in order to continue using your device. This is how you can perform a reboot on your TCL Roku TV.

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That’s all. This is all you need to know about the methods to reset TCL Roku TV. I hope this content will be useful and satisfactory. Once you have performed a factory reset on your device, all the technical glitches will get removed and a new device will be ready for your use. You have to redo the sign-in process to access your device again. By using the above-given method you can easily reset your device within a few minutes.

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