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Are you searching for how to add a quote for your reply on Reddit discussion? Then you have landed in the right place. As many Reddit users are wandering around this question we have planned to make an article on it. This article teaches you how to quote on the Reddit app and on its website.

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As we all know Reddit is popular questioning and discussion platform on the internet. It is generally regarded as an American social news and discussion website. Chiefly, it is a forum to submit your queries. Similarly, you can express your answers to the questions that you are familiar with.

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As a registered user, you can submit your thoughts in the form of text, images, links, etc. The Reddit app is so popular because it is an open platform where you can find information on all the possible fields of human knowledge. Let’s see how to quote on Reddit in the following article. 

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Methods to Quote on Reddit

Basically, Reddit is a discussion platform. Here you can ask and post any of your queries that are answerable. Registered Reddit members will answer your question. In addition, you can also discuss with those users in the comments section.

Sometimes you may be required or asked to quote certain comments or posts. It is very easy to make a quote on the platform. You have two methods to do it. the following are those methods. 

  • Using Reddit Website
  • Using Smartphone app
How to Quote on Reddit App and Website?

How to Quote on Reddit? – Using Reddit Website

Significantly, it is an amazing platform to resolve your queries and also for others on the internet. In order to quote on this platform, you should be a registered member. So make sure you create and have an account before getting into the process. The following method guides you to quote via its dedicated website.

Step 1:

Initially, Open a browser on your PC or laptop.

Step 2:

Navigate to the official Reddit website.

Step 3:

Make sure you Sign in with your Reddit account credentials.

Step 4:

Now, Open a β€˜Post’ and scroll down to the comments section that you would like to quote.

Step 5:

Then, use the keyboard command Ctrl+C to select and copy the text. 

Step 6:

Continuing that, click on the β€˜Reply’ button and go for β€˜More’ options.

Step 7:

There you will find the (β€œ) Quote icon in the more option.

Step 8:

You will find a Greyline in the comments section.

Step 9:

Now, paste the comment that you have copied and click on the β€œReply” button.

In the same manner, you can quote your own text also. 

How to Quote on Reddit? – Using Smartphone App

We can’t carry our laptops all the time while traveling. At this time you can make use of the Reddit app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The following method gives you a detailed guide to quote on the Reddit app using a smartphone.

Step 1:

Firstly, Launch the Reddit app on your Android/iOS mobile.

Step 2:

Next, Log in to the app with your account.

Step 3:

Now, go to the particular post that you want to quote.

Step 4:

Simultaneously, click on the Reply or Comment icon given below the post.

Step 5:

Start your reply by inserting a β€œ>” greater sign symbol followed by your text.

Step 6:

Finally, you will get the output in quoted text format.

This is how to quote on Reddit using its dedicated smartphone app.


How to Quote on Reddit Mobile?

Well, you can use the official Reddit smartphone app that is available for both Android and iOS to quote. 

How to quote someone on the Reddit app?

Initially start your comment by inserting the β€œ>” greater sign. Then Copy and paste the comment that you want to quote. 


That’s all about the methods to quote on the Reddit app. I hope you would be clear with the methods given above. Reddit is an amazing platform to gain knowledge in every possible field. If you are a new user of Reddit make use of the above-given methods to know how to quote on Reddit. The methods that are given above include both the steps to quote on the Reddit app and also its dedicated website.

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