How to Reset Toshiba Smart TV to Factory Settings?

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In a day, we stare at the television’s face more than our family members’ faces. So the duty and working hours of television are more than us. It spends its whole life entertaining us. As humans, we require rest after working for so many hours. In the same manner, television also requires a form of rest called factory reset.

The television may show some technical errors due to over usage, storage issues, technical glitches, issues in hardware, etc. Sometimes we may have to stare at its black screen, a way of expressing the issue. How to reset the TV with a black screen? You can easily resolve it by doing a factory data reset. Let’s see how to reset and troubleshoot Toshiba smart TV in this content.

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There is only one method by which you could reset your Toshiba smart TV. All you need for reset is a constant power supply and the proprietary remote control for your TV. Accommodate the particulars and continue with the following steps.

Reset Toshiba  TVReset Toshiba  TV
Reset Toshiba TV

How to Factory Reset Toshiba Smart TV

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Assure that you have a proper and secured power connection and continue with the following steps.


Power on your Toshiba TV using the power button on the remote control.

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Press the menu button located left to the arrow keys on the remote control.


A menu page with several other options will appear on your screen.


Scroll down the Installation menu and press enter.


Now select Reset TV and press the OK button on the remote.


Highlight the Yes option and press the OK button to confirm the factory data reset.

Now, your Toshiba smart TV will restart and work as in the perfect condition when you bought it.

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Troubleshooting the Toshiba smart TV is very simple but you have to be very careful in this approach. Because here you are going to deal with the TV’s AC power supply. Ready with your precautionary measures and continue with the following steps.

STEP1: Unplug your TV’s power cord from the electrical socket.

STEP2: Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

STEP3: Again plug in the power cable to the electrical wall socket.

STEP4: Make sure that the electrical socket is receiving power. If not try plugging in the cable into another socket that receives power.

STEP5: Check whether the batteries on the remote control are working properly. If it’s not in a working condition try replacing it with fresh batteries.

STEP6: Also have a check that the TV is responding to the remote control’s signal. Wipe off the remote control’s sensor and try booting up your TV.

STEP7: Place the remote control straight to the TV’s infrared sensor while booting your TV.

You can easily troubleshoot your Toshiba smart TV by following the above-mentioned steps in proper order.

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That’s all guys. I hope you would have got some fruitful information and methods of resetting your Toshiba smart TV and how to troubleshoot it. As for how you take holidays to refresh you, televisions also require some services in order to keep themselves long-lasting. It could be Living or Non-living things, proper service at the proper time will give a long-lasting life.

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