How to Sort Google Drive by Size Free Up Space? – IPTV Guide

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Sort Google Drive by Size Free Up Space: At any moment with huge benefits anywhere from the world, Google Drive helps in accessing your file. Generally, if you have a personal Google account, Google Drive is free to use. Then, to store your files Google Drive will give you 15GB of free online cloud storage. Also, any device you have you can synchronize files and it is the best advantage feature of Google drive.

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Generally, it comes with file sharing, including Gmail integration, Backup, Open and edit various types of documents, and much more. Also, you can Backup and Sync all your files on Google Drive. The other best feature is that you can save your files to it. You can download and save the Gmail attachment on your device with the Google Account. Also, there is an option to convert PDF into Docs.

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Using an email, by adding people or creating a sharable Drive link, you can easily share the files with anyone. To get more or extra benefits, you can upgrade to Google One or buy more storage within Google drive, as it has only 15GB free storage to access. Then in Google Drive, you can view any type of file. In the form of add-ons for your document, it offers a lot of additional functionality. 

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How to Sort by Size in Google drive to Free Up Space?

The easiest way to do Google Drive is to sort files by size and delete the files which not need for a longer time. To store your files Google Drive will give you 15GB of free online cloud storage. 

How to Sort by Size in Google drive to Free Up Space?

It is easy to sort Google Drive by its Filename or File data. Here are few easy steps to Sort it and you can follow the procedure in the article.

Step 1:

Firstly, in your Web browser open

Step 2:

Then, sign in to the Google Account with the Google login Credentials.

Step 3:

On the very bottom of the menu, select the “Storage” option with the cloud icon on the left-hand side of Google Drive.

Step 4:

Finally, in your drive sorted by size, the view on the right will change to show all the files.

How to delete files in Google Drive to free up space?

In your drive, unwanted files will occupy the storage. So, you need to delete all those files permanently to free up space on your Google Drive. You can copy all those files in some other device if you wanted. If once the files are deleted you cannot recover all those files.

Step 1:

On your keyboard tap the Delete button after selecting the files or select remove by right-clicking the File.

Step 2:

Then, these files will be deleted automatically within 30 days.

Step 3:

Otherwise, you can delete the file by going to the Trash option and select Empty Bin to clear the stored files. 


How do you free up space on Google File?

You can free up space on Google File by sorting and deleting the unwanted files. This article helps you to sort and delete the Files in Google Drive.

How do I sort in Google Drive?

You can sort your files in Google Drive by Size and name. The procedure to sort your Files on Google Drive is given in this article, so you can follow them.


You can Sort Google drive by its name or size and you can delete the unwanted files on your drive to free up the space in the Drive. This article will guide you with the best procedure to sort Google Drive by its size and name and delete the files permanently to free up the space.

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