How to Turn ON Vizio TV without Remote Control in 2022 [Updated]

How to Turn ON Vizio TV without remote: Vizio is an electronics company that sells Television and speakers. The V Inc. was found in 2002 and it is a public type. It is California based company. The headquarters of Vizio is in Irvine, California, U.S. It is available in North America. This company serves various products as LED, LCD, OLED, 4K UHD in TV, and also soundbars and sound systems.

So, want to turn on your Vizio TV without a remote? I hope this site will help you to find the solution that you are seeking.

The product of the Vizio is the Smart version so you obviously control the TV without the remote using a smartphone app. Basically, the smart TV has two types in which you can control the TV without a remote by the TV buttons and the other type is to control using the smartphone app. Let’s get to know the ways to turn on the Vizio tv without a remote.

How to turn ON Vizio TV without remote?

How to Turn On Vizio TV without remote
How to Turn On Vizio TV without remote
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How to Turn On Vizio TV without remote

#1. Using TV buttons:

In the TV panel, you can find basic control options like Power button, Volume control, etc. In case you lost your TV remote you can use this control panel in order to control your TV.

#2. Using Smartphone app:

Every Television brand has its own controlling app likewise Vizio has also had an app known as VIZIO SmartCast. Download this app on your phone whether it’s Playstore or Appstore.

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  • After downloading the app the first step is to connect the TV to the smartphone.
  • Open the app there you can find the option Devices.
  • On the device menu, select Add.
  • Add your TV to the phone.
  • After the pairing is done, Select the Control option.
  • Now you can control your TV by powering on/off, channel change, etc.

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Usually, People prefer high technology to a normal preference. Mostly every brand consists of its own app for control purposes. Nowadays Smart TVs are highly selling compared to normal Television. These two ways will help the people who are in need to use their TV without a remote. This smart app will definitely help in turning on the TV and various commands can be done with this app. Hope the given information is useful to you.

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