How To Unban Someone On Discord using Android, iPhone, and PC. – IPTV Guide

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Hi guys, I’m here today with another interesting content. guess what? Yes, the content is on how to unban someone on Discord. Not only on Discord but on any social media you have the chance to run into a ban. Why they ban you? How to unban ourselves or someone on Discord? Well, continue reading the below content to clear all your queries.

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Before that let’s see about Discord in short. Discord is a group chatting platform originally built for gamers. It is one of the best ways for gamers to communicate online. It lets friends communicate directly via voice, video, and text. Originally built for gamers, but then it became a general use platform for all sorts of communities.

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Servers in discord refer to groups as we see in other social media applications. Each server has its own members, topics, channels, and also rules. We have to abide by rules almost on all social media. But, in our today’s content rules has a major rule which we are going to discuss in the next part.

The Discord app is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS platforms. You can access the Discord app from your smartphone or even from your desktop browser. A single user can join up to 100 servers. And a single server can have up to 2,50,000 members. Interesting right?

We have seen more about the features of Discord. Now let’s get into the sole purpose of this content. If you are ready let’s see how to unban someone on Discord in the following content. Continue reading the below guide.

How to Unban users on Discord

Table of Contents

Reasons For Getting Banned On Discord

If you are a Discord user, you may have come across the word called Discord Ban!! Yes, not only on Discord but on all social media we have this ban issue. The server won’t ban you normally until you cross the rules of social media.

There are certain rules on Discord which you have to abide by. If you cross over the rules there are hundred percent chances for your account ban. We are not going to discuss the rules but the reasons under which your account is going to get banned.

Discord bans you if you are spreading any kind of spam on your server. You may get banned even for the kind of content you are publishing. If you post any inappropriate images or videos in Discord, there are high chances of banning. Some more reasons such as,

  • Sharing copyrighted media content
  • Sending repetitive messages
  • Sharing pornographic content and much more.

These are the several reasons by which your account may get banned on Discord. And your account ban can be done by two sources. Either by the Discord’s main server or by the administrator of your particular server. We have seen a lot about the reasons for banning the account. Now, let’s see how to remove someone from the account ban in the following context. Continue reading.

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How To Unban Someone On Discord

Now, we have entered into our sole purpose of this content. You can unban someone only if you are an administrator of that particular server. If you are not an administrator, then request your server’s administrator to make you one. In case if you are the administrator and your account is banned what to do? Then you have to contact Discord’s support to remove your ban.

Okay, now let’s see how to unban someone on Discord using the following steps.

STEP1: Initially launch the Discord app from your smartphone or your desktop.

STEP2: Head over to the server or channel where you have to unban users from.

STEP3: Click the down arrow on your top right corner near to your server’s name.

STEP4: Select Server Settings.

STEP5: Choose Bans from the scroll down menu.

STEP6: From the list of users, select the users which you want to unban.

STEP7: Finally click on the Revoke Ban button from the pop-up.

You have successfully unbanned the user. Now the user can able to post messages, enter the voice channels, send private messages, and so on. In the same way, as long as you are the administrator of the particular server you can ban users on that server.


That’s all guys. This is all you need to know about the steps on how to unban someone on Discord. I hope the content will be useful and satisfactory. Discord is one of the best services designed ever for gamers to communicate online. This is the only place where gamers can group chat on large numbers. If your account is banned, use the above-given steps to unban yourself or someone on Discord. Stay on the track and update yourself with technology.


How Do I Get Unbanned From Discord?

Well, you can request your server’s administrator to revoke your ban. In case you are the administrator, contact Discord’s support to revoke your ban.


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