How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Sharp Smart TV? [Updated]

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Hello Sharp TV users! How can you pass the boredom times without any streaming applications? In recent times, you can see at least one in-built streaming distributor. If you admire Amazon Prime Video, there is less chance to get the premade package of Amazon prime Video on your Sharp Smart TV.

It happens due to the Play Store is not available on the Sharp TV. But, If you decide to watch Amazon Prime on your Sharp TV, the possibility is there. What is it? How to use it? Everything is going to clear with the help of this post. Let see the manual method to get Amazon Prime on Sharp Smart TV.

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Sharp is one of the well-known Smart TV brands that have many user bases. Obviously, you will feel frustrated when you are not getting the Amazon Prime on your brand new Sharp TV.

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However, it is a usual thing in the Sharp TV brand. But, we have a simple solution to satisfy your requirements. On the Older version of Sharp TVs, you couldn’t even get the pre-installed Amazon Prime app.

Most importantly, the latest Sharp TVs are powered with the Android 9 OS. Here, you will get a cent-percent chance to launch the app from Google Play Store. That too from the Sharp smart TV itself.

Let us discuss all the possible solutions to get the Prime app on both modern and older versions of Sharp TVs.

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How to Install Amazon Prime Video on Sharp Smart TV?

All the newer versions of Sharp TVs are coming up with an Android-based Operating system. Undoubtedly, you can taste the flavour of Amazon Prime on the latest model of Sharp TVs. Moreover, It is closely similar to installing any other android apps from the Google Play Store. Take a glance given below for further clarification.

Amazon Prime on Sharp TVAmazon Prime on Sharp TV

How to Install Amazon Prime on Sharp TV?


First off, power on your Sharp Smart TV and set up the Internet connection.


Go into the Google Play Store with the use of the Sharp TV remote. Here, start to search the Amazon Prime Video app.


As soon you get the app, click the install button to initiate the downloading process. After that, install the app on your Sharp Smart TV.


At last, open the app and configure the login process. Importantly, give the proper login details of your Amazon Prime account.

Yahoo! You are pretty ready to watch web series, movies, or whatever you like on Amazon Prime. Sit back and explore the content on your Sharp Smart TV.

How to Install Amazon Prime Video on Sharp Smart TV ( Without PlayStore)?

As we discussed earlier, the older version of Sharp TVs is not compatible with Amazon Prime. Since there is no Play Store availability on those versions. But still, you can put effort to complete the installation process manually. Look at the given procedure to watch Amazon Prime on Sharp TVs without having Play Store.


The foremost step is to turn on your computer or laptop and fix the Internet. Next, go ahead with any of the web browsers available on your device.


 Visit this web page and download the APK package of the Amazon Prime app.

Note: Here, we have given the amazon prime video 5.3.9-arm7a.apk file. This version only supports ARM processor-based Android TVs. Probably, most of the modern Android TVs work under this processor.


Open the amazon prime apk file from the downloads section of your computer. Then, transfer the apk file to the portable hard disk or Pendrive.


After that, insert the disk or Pendrive at the rear side of your Sharp Smart TV. Then, open the file manager of your TV to copy the apk file.


Next, you will receive a prompt message to install the file. Then, tap on the Install button to start the process.


Now, the Prime Video application is successfully installed on your Sharp Smart TV. Furthermore, you can open the app from the Apps section of your Sharp TV.


How can I watch Amazon Prime Video on an older version of Sharp TVs?

If your Sharp TV is too old and does not integrate with Android OS, you will fail to get the PlayStore. At this moment, you cannot launch the apk as we discussed above. Here, there is a lack of an Operating System. In such cases, the only possible way is to mirror your compact screen to the Sharp TV.

Is it possible to mirror the smartphone screen on Sharp TV?

Of course. You can. In order to get the Amazon Prime app on older versions of Sharp TVs, screen mirroring is the perfect solution. For that,

  • Install the Prime Video app on your Smartphones, and open the browser.
  • Then, you have to log in with the Amazon Prime account on your mobile.
  • Meanwhile, turn on the casting feature on your Sharp TV. Turn up the WIfi access too. Then only you can able to pair your mobile device with the Sharp TV.
  • Play any media from Amazon Prime video on your mobile device. Tap the cast icon located on your mobile.
  • It will start to pair with the nearby devices connected under the same WIFI access.
  • Within a few seconds, the video playing on your mobile will reflect on the Sharp TV screen.

Great! Apart from Play Store compatibility, mirroring is the best way to use streaming applications on older versions of TVs.


To end up, we have listed the simple methods to watch Amazon Prime on the Sharp TV brand. This article comprises the installation procedure of Amazon Prime on the Sharp TVs with Play Store availability as well as without Play Store. Along with that, step by step guide to mirror the screen of the smartphone on Sharp TVs. I hope all of them are essential guidelines to launch Prime Video on the big screen of Sharp TVs.

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