How to Watch Crunchyroll on LG Smart TV? [Updated 2022]

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Hey, kiddos! We all love to watch Animations and cartoons. The animatic dramas give us extraordinary entertainment. If you are looking to watch anime for a reasonable cost, certain services are there.

By the way, Crunchyroll offers a lot of anime collections at an affordable cost. Anime is not rolling out on all kinds of streaming TV services. When talking about Crunchyroll on Smart TVs, LG is utterly excluded.

Sadly, the LG TVs are out of luck to stream the Crunchyroll service. Don’t skip from here. We have a better solution to watch Crunchyroll on LG. Hopefully, we have some indirect alternative methods to watch anime on LG TV.

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The crisp of Crunchyroll

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As the name indicates, Crunchyroll belongs to cinemas, entertainments, amusements. With this, you can catch up on mangas, drama, anime series, Crunchyroll Originals, and much more.

After the content is aired, you can watch all the movies, animations on your smart TVs. If you yet to subscribe to the Crunchyroll service, you can watch the content after the day it has aired. Or else, you have to make a subscription to access the instant anime streaming.

Luckily, most of the streaming devices, dedicative smart TV apps are compatible with the Crunchyroll application. Even more, the compact mobile app of Crunchyroll is available for smartphones.

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Crunchyroll packages

Like any other streaming apps, Crunchyroll compiles both free and paid subscriptions. Normally, frequent ads annoy you, which interrupts you in between the series. To get rid of this, it offers a paid version with different subscription plans. Namely, fan plan, Megaplan, Ultimate Fan plan, and VRV subscriptions plan. You will get advanced features and accessibility for each level.

How to Watch Crunchyroll on LG Smart TV?

As we mentioned that, many smart devices adapt Crunchyroll service. But, not everyone is alike. We have some exceptions that do not provide native application compatibility. LG is one of the smart TVs are not have straightforward access to the Crunchyroll app.

So, we are going to undertake the casting method. Yes! Without putting much effort, the Crunchyroll casting feature saves your time. Meanwhile, the casting service lets you explore the animations from a compact, user-friendly application.

Crunchyroll on LG Smart TVCrunchyroll on LG Smart TV

How to Install and Watch Crunchyroll on LG Smart TV

How to cast Crunchyroll streamings on LG Smart TV?     


At first, you have to connect the smartphones and the LG TV under the same Internet access.


Now, go to the PlayStore(Android) or App Store(iOS) to install the Crunchyroll application.


After the installation, proceed with the sign-in process of the Crunchyroll account on the Crunchyroll app.


On the home page, hit the cast icon(Android) or AirPlay (iOS) placed at the top corner of the Crunchyroll app.


Soon, it will list out the nearby devices connected under parallel internet. From that, tap on your LG TV name.


Within a second, your LG shows the current screen opened on the smartphone. Play any anime series on your phone, and the same will reflect on the LG screen.

Well done! You were pretty done with the casting steps to watch Crunchyroll on LG Smart TV. Remember that, casting method is workable on limited LG TV models. In case you fail to cast the Crunchyroll content through casting, use the alternative solution we have presented below. Before that, ensure the same WIFI connection on both devices.

How do I mirror Crunchyroll streamings on LG Smart TV?

  • Firstly, unlock your smartphone and go to the App Store or Play Store. Here, find the LG TV Plus app and install it.
  • Now, go ahead with the on-screen instructions stated within the LG TV Plus app.
  • After setting up, you have to enable the mirroring option found on the app.
  • Once you start mirroring your hand-in screen, the same screen will appear on the LG TV screen.
  • Next, jump into the Crunchyroll app on your mobile and play any video on it.
  • In the end, The Crunchyroll anime you have played on the mobile will mirror the same content on the LG TV simultaneously.

Too good! These are the widely used alternative ideas to watch Crunchyroll on LG TV. Keep in mind that, not all LG TV models contain the same functionality. If the first method went useless, try out the LG TV Plus app mirroring method. Try until you get the availability of Crunchyroll on LG smart TVs.Is LG Smart TV compatible with the Crunchyroll app?

No. The Crunchyroll compatibility on WebOS (LG TV) yet to come. If you surf Crunchyroll on the LG content store, it says no results found.

Can I cast Crunchyroll on my LG smart TV?

Yes. If your LG TV features Cast service, you can do cast the Crunchyroll animations from hand-in mobile applications. Make use of this article to enable the casting feature to combine the mobile screen with the LG screen. And also, you can get to know the alternative method to mirror the smartphone screen on LG Smart TVs from this article.

Bottom Line

On the whole, our article delivers all the needful stuff regarding Crunchyroll set-up on LG TV. Eventhough you fail to get direct access to LG, casting remains the best solution in certain TV models. However, Both methods are too easy to make Crunchyroll service on LG TV. I hope this write-up covers casting and mirroring methods to explore the anime, series, dorama, manga on Crunchyroll at one sit. Furthermore, purchasing paid version will give you ad-free content that aired instantly. Let us wind up this article here.

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