How to Watch DSTV Now on Smart TV? [Updated 2022]

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Do you wonder to know that you can install the DSTV Now on Smart TV? Suppose, if you don’t then kindly join us and travel through the entire article to know its complete procedure. Now you can stream most of your favorite live sports and shows on the big screen.

In this article, we will come across the steps to install it on smart TV. So, let us dive deeper into this article to know more about the content.

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What is DSTV?

Basically, it is one of the internet streaming video services. The great news is that it is completely free of cost for its users. Moreover, data is not included in the DSTV Now, and further, the user may be charged by mobile networks or customers’ ISP.

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Hence, this service is owned by MultiChoice Group.  This was established in the year 1995 and provides multiple channels to its users. The users can easily download and install the app on your smart tv like a piece of cake.

In the following part, we will discuss how to install the app on Smart TV. Eventually, this app is compatible with various other smart TVs like

  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Hisense Smart TV
  • LG Smart TV

In the upcoming part, we will come across its sign-up and installation procedure.

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How to Sign UP on DSTV?

If you are a new user then you can Sign Up using the following steps given below.

Step 1:

Firstly, navigate to the DSTV official website.

Step 2:

Secondly, click on the Signup option.

Step 3:

Kindly provide your mail id and enter your phone number.

Step 4:

Now gently create a password with a maximum of 6 characters in it.

Step 5:

And now make a click on Create an Account.

Step 6: 

Finally, note down the code displayed on the screen.

How to Install and Watch DSTV Now on Smart TV?

The users can easily launch the app on your smart tv like a piece of cake if they follow the steps given below.

DSTV on Smart TVDSTV on Smart TV

How to Install and Watch DSTV now on Smart TV?

Step 1:

Firstly, make sure to connect your smart tv with a proper internet connection.

Step 2:

Secondly, visit the App Store and then click on the search bar.

Step 3:

Now kindly type as DSTV on the search bar and then click on the search icon.

Step 4:

Now from the list of apps displayed make sure to select the required app.

Step 5:

Kindly click on the install app and wait for a couple of minutes.

Step 6:

Once the app gets installed kindly make a click on the Open button.

Step 7:

Now click on the login button and kindly enter your credentials.

Step 8:

Now make sure to enter the code which you have noted before during the signup process.

Step 9:

Finally, click on the Sign In button and now you are ready to use the app on your smart tv.

Final Verdict

Finally, I hope this article helps you to know the details about the DSTV app and its installation process. This app allows you to stream live sports events, and other video content on various devices like Android, PC, Smart TV, etc. Whatever the readers are looking for we want all of them to find peace of mind here by viewing this given article. Thank you for spending your cherished time just to take a look at this given article.


How to Watch DSTV Now on Smart TV?

The users can download the app using Android, Apple, and by using Smart TVs. Kindly search for the app and click on the install button and stream the app.

When to install DSTV code on Smart TV?

Once you click on the sign-up option and enter your credentials, now in the given space for code kindly ender the code and click on the Sign In option.

Is DSTV free of cost?

Yes, the is completely free of cost for its users. You can stream your favorite sports content and video on demand and can enjoy it. 

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