How to Watch Paramount Plus on Apple TV? [Updated 2022]

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Paramount Plus on Apple TV: As we all know Apple TV is one of the premium streaming devices. Basically, it comes with a lot of preloaded apps that are useful. Have you ever thought of installing third-party apps on your Apple TV? Yes, it is hardly possible as Apple has one of the strongest hardware protection on their devices.

But today we are with an app that you can easily get on your Apple TV. And that app is Paramount Plus. Certainly, it may be new to some people but most people will be familiar with this application. Paramount Plus is a subscription-based streaming service in America.

The best part is it offers a plethora of services at the most affordable subscription cost. If you are looking for the best and compatible streaming service then Paramount+ could be that one. If that sounds interesting, continue reading the below post for the methods to get this app on your Apple TV.

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What is Paramount Plus?

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In simple words, Paramount Plus is a streaming service to watch all your best entertainment in one single place. Certainly, it is a subscription-based service that requires an account to access the content. This service has been owned and operated by a streaming division of ViacomCBS.

With the Paramount+ app, you have 30000+ episodes to stream. Additionally, it also has movies broadcasted by famous houses like BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and much more. Are you a sports freak?

Yeah, the Paramount Plus app also includes various news channels that stream live sports news. In simple words, this is an app for all sorts of audiences. Kudos to the developer who has made this app available for all platforms. If you have been wondering how to get this app on your Apple TV, continue reading the article.

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Below given are some of the significant features of the Paramount+ app that you are going to install on your Apple TV. So, give a reading to it.

  • Simultaneously connect up to 3 devices at a time
  • Various TV shows and Original content
  • Parental Control to prevent inappropriate content
  • A growing collection of movies for everyone
  • Separate section and content for Kids
  • Affordable subscription cost

How to Install Paramount Plus on Apple TV?

Paramount Plus on Apple TVParamount Plus on Apple TV

How to Install Paramount Plus on Apple TV?

Yeah, finally we have reached the methods of installing the desired Paramount+ app. I have said that Paramount+ has one of the affordable subscription costs, right? Yes, true. You can avail of this respective service by paying just $5/month with ads.

By paying an extra $5 you can stream all your favorite content without any advertisement. Okay, without any further delay, now let’s enter into the methods of installing the Paramount Plus app on your Apple TV.

Step 1:

Initially Turn On your Apple TV and make sure it has an active internet connection.

Step 2:

Navigate to the Home Screen by pressing the Home Button on the remote control.

Step 3:

Then Launch the App Store.

Step 4:

Using the Finder option search for the Paramount Plus app.

Step 5:

Choose the app and click on the Install button to download the app on your device.

Step 6:

Open the app and click on the Sign-in button.

Step 7:

Copy the Verification Code displayed on the screen.

Step 8:

Now using a PC or laptop visit the official page of Paramount Plus to activate your streaming device.

Step 9:

Select your Streaming device initially and then enter the Verification Code in the specified box.

Step 10:

Finally, click on the Submit button to complete the activation process.


Is Paramount Plus available on Apple TV?

Surprisingly, Yes. Apple TV users can install the Paramount Plus app from the Apple app store directly. Of course, Paramount+ is a third-party streaming service. Due to its popularity and legibility, it has been made available on App Store.

Why Paramount Plus is not working on my Apple TV?

The app crash may be due to some bugs in the app. You can easily resolve this issue by just restarting your Apple TV.


This is all you need to know about the Paramount Plus app and its availability on the Apple TV. I hope you people will be clear with the app and the methods to get it on your Apple TV. Paramount Plus is an amazing streaming service with an affordable subscription price. Most Apple TV users have been wondering about getting this app on their devices. So the possible and simple methods to get the app on your Apple TV have been given in the above post.

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