How to Watch Uzzu TV on Roku? [Updated 2022]

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Uzzu TV on Roku: If you are looking for an affordable sports streaming service for your Roku, then you are in the right place. Uzzu TV is one of the budget-friendly subscription streaming services. Seemingly, it is an internet television that works with an active internet connection.

With the Uzzu TV app, you can watch popular sports like NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, and much more. Indeed the 60+ premium channels within the app will provide you with 24/7 news articles related to sports. If you are interested in getting the Uzzu TV app on your Roku device, then continue with the below-given installation guide.

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How to Install Uzzu TV on Roku?

UZZU TV on RokuUZZU TV on Roku

How to Install UZZU TV on Roku?

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As I said earlier, Uzzu TV is a subscription-based streaming app that requires a Uzzu account to access its content. Indeed the budget-friendly Uzzu TV app has various weekly, monthly, and annual subscription plans.

In that way, you can avail of the weekly pack for $6.99, $20/month, and $120/year. At this point, it is impossible to install the UzzuTV app on Roku directly. If you have one already, kindly uninstall it and use the following steps to get the latest version of the Uzzu TV app.

Step 1:

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Navigate to the official Roku website.

Step 2:

Then, Sign In with your Roku account by providing the credentials you have used on your Roku device.

Step 3:

Now, Click here to download the new Uzzu TV app.

Step 4:

Also, click on the Add Channel button to add the Uzzu TV app to your Roku account.

Step 5:

Now, Turn On your Roku device and check for the system update.

Step 6:

Once completing the system update, navigate to the Apps section and open the UzzuTest app to watch your favorite sports.


Is Uzzu TV available on Roku?

No. There is no official UzzuTV app available on Roku. The initial version of the UzzuTV app has been discontinued from Roku. As a result, you have to go with the screen mirroring method to get the app on your streaming device.

Is Uzzu TV free?

No, Uzzu TV is not free to use. Instead, UzzuTV is an affordable streaming service that requires a minimum subscription amount to stream your favorites.


I hope you have the best and most effective methods to install UzzuTV on your Roku streaming device. Uzzu TV is a reliable service that provides you with the best-in-class sports streams on Roku. Even though the UzzuTV app is not available on Roku, the possible and working method to get the app has been given in the above article for your reference.

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