How to Watch Winter Olympics Live on Apple TV? [2022]

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Winter Olympics on Apple TV: Finally, the long-awaited Winter Olympics has begun in Beijing. Hopefully, most of you have started watching the amazing events.

Sadly, the hosting region does not allow foreign visitors inside the stadium due to this pandemic. But, advantageously, it is possible to live stream the events from your home.

You can use various streaming devices like Firestick, Roku, Xbox, Apple TV, and much more. Indeed, you will need an active internet connection and a reliable streaming service to watch your favorite sports. Continue your reading with the following article to watch Winter Olympics on Apple TV. 

Winter Olympics – An Overview

In simple words, Winter Olympics is snow and ice-related international multi-sport event. With a successful opening ceremony, the 2022 Winter Olympics has been ongoing in Beijing.

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Why is the Winter Olympics special? Well, it is an international sport that happens once every four years. This year, China has the hosting responsibility for conducting the Winter Olympics game.

Furtherly, the Winter Games were planned to conduct between February 4 and February 20. So, seemingly, if you are in China, you can watch the game in three places, including Beijing and two more places. If you plan to live stream the shows, you can accomplish it by using the below-given methods. 

How to Watch Winter Olympics on Apple TV?

Live streaming Winter Olympics on Apple TV is possible by subscribing to any live TV streaming service. If you live in the U.S and are an existing customer of NBC Universal, you are lucky.

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Yes, NBC Universal has the live streaming rights to stream the Winter Olympics games inside the U.S. Suppose you live outside the respective country, you can try using a reliable VPN to live stream the events from your place.

Winter Olympics on Apple TVWinter Olympics on Apple TV

How to Watch Winter Olympics on Apple TV?

With that said, use the below-given streaming services to live stream Winter Olympics on Apple TV. 

  • FuboTV
  • Sling TV
  • Hulu+ Live TV
  • NBC Sports


FuboTV is a live TV streaming service that is specially dedicated to streaming sports. With the FuboTV on your streaming device like Apple TV, you can watch all the live sporting events.

Of course, the possibility of live streaming programs depends on your subscription plan. Seemingly, better you opt for the premium plan to get full-fledged live streaming of your favorite sports, including the Winter Olympics and much more.

Furtherly, use the following link to install FuboTV on Apple TV. 

Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the most affordable subscription-based live streaming services. Seemingly, it has 230+ live TV channels, including NBC and much more.

By which you can watch the live streams of the Winter Olympics game using Sling TV on Apple TV. In addition to sports, Sling TV also provides an all-rounder streaming with an active subscription.

Moreover, the Sling TV app is natively available on the Apple AppStore. Follow our guide on installing Sling TV on Apple TV for the detailed guide. 

Hulu+ Live TV

Seemingly, the next app in the lineup is Hulu. Indeed Hulu is one of the best platforms to stream diverse content. It has three types of subscription plans.

Well, the premium plan, Hulu+ Live TV, provides 75+ ad-free live channels to stream news, sports, and various TV shows. There is no need for a cable to access the Hulu service.

Additionally, the Hulu app allows you to access various on-demand titles within a single app. Furtherly, use the following link to install Hulu on Apple TV

NBC Sports

Finally, here is the best option to watch Winter Olympics on Apple TV. That is NBC Sports. Yes, as I said previously, the 2022 Winter Olympics has been hosted by NBC Universal in the U.S.

By getting an NBC subscription, you can watch all the live sporting events on the NBC Sports app. NBC Universal is the dedicated streaming service that streams all the events organized at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Furthermore, the following link will give you the complete guide to installing NBC Sports on Apple TV. 


I hope you have got the best methods to live stream the Winter Olympics on Apple TV. Indeed, Winter Olympics is an international level multi-sport that includes various types of snow and ice games.

At present, the Winter Olympics game and the medal distribution ceremony was going on in Beijing in China. But you can live stream the event from the rest of your couch using Apple TV. Refer to the above post for more details on watching Winter Olympics on Apple TV. 

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