Hulu’s Live TV Will Soon Stop Charging You to Skip Ads on DVR – Best Streaming Service

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Hulu + Live TV’s new package deal could be all you need.
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Did you leave Hulu’s Live TV offerings for another streaming service recently over its ancient DVR practices? This latest change might inspire you to give it another try.


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Beginning April 13, Hulu + Live TV will include Unlimited DVR for all new and existing subscribers. This means no more 50-hour recording limit. For comparison, competing services like YouTube TV and Philo offer unlimited DVR, with recordings stored for nine months and a year, respectively.

The new Hulu + Live TV will also allow you to fast forward through commercial breaks without having to pay extra for the ad-free tier. Hulu used to require that you pay for one of two add-on options to skip through them. Subscribers who paid for more recording space will get converted to the new pricing schematic.


Hulu + Live TV is seeing a $5 price increase to $70/month, compared to YouTube TV’s $65/month and Philo’s $35/month. But subscribers will get Disney+ and ESPN+ bundled in as part of the package, which typically cost $8 and $7 on their own. And while Hulu + Live TV costs more than the respective YouTube TV and Philo package offerings, you get access to three different streaming apps and their massive content libraries.

For folks who are all in on Disney’s properties but want non-Disney live TV, too, this could be all you need. And that’s what Hulu wants it to be.

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“Through one single subscription, users get access to 80+ live channels — including all the major broadcast networks — as well as Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, and soon Unlimited DVR,” said Joe Earley, president of Hulu, in a statement. “We will be one of the only pay TV providers—traditional or streaming—to offer this feature as part of the base plan at no additional cost.”

For the family who wants it all under one bill, this new deal could very well end up securing Hulu’s status as the number one live TV streaming provider.


With more mergers taking place across the industry, including a recent handshake between Warner Brothers and Discovery, expect to see more of this kind of package-deal consolidation coming through the pipelines. The question is, what’s important enough to you that it’s worth paying for?

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