IPTV: Another way to watch TV

Nowadays, the majority of French people opt for the use of IPTV technology. This allows them to access certain TV channels and audiovisual content. IPTV is also designed to replace conventional television transmission protocols.

How IPTV works

There are now several technologies for broadcasting television channels. In general, the channels opt for terrestrial or satellite transmission.

  • Terrestrial broadcasting is television received through a “rake” antenna. The latter is to be placed on the roof of a house. Today, with DTT, everything has become digital. The latter is broadcast by transmitters and relay antennas covering the metropolitan territory.
  • Satellite broadcasting is television received through a satellite dish and a satellite demodulator. Available throughout France, it provides access to many French-speaking or foreign channels and bouquets.

Nevertheless, these two types of technologies have drawbacks. The viewer does not have control of a channel’s programming. They cannot watch their favorite movies or shows depending on their availability. Programs on these technologies are subject to a time schedule. Indeed, the times of the programs are predefined. Only viewers with a recording device have the possibility to save their programs when they are away.

From now on, a new computer protocol has been put in place to replace these classic broadcasts. This is IPTV. This technology is used either through the wired telephone network, or through the specific network or fiber optic.

It is created to transmit television via the Internet Protocol. By opting for the Internet connection, IPTV offers viewers the opportunity to choose the content that interests them. They can watch them at any time without the need for a recorder.

The different forms of IPTV

IPTV has different forms which the viewer can choose according to their need and convenience:

Live TV

Live IPTV is a figure of classic television. In other words, while the programs are broadcast on TV, they are also available on the Internet. This is the reason why this type of IPTV looks like regular TV. Often it is used for sporting events. Thanks to the dissemination of these, IPTV has quickly developed. Indeed, there are several sports subscriptions, such as beIN, or RMC Sport dedicated to sports enthusiasts.

Catch Up TV

This type of television, designed under the name of “replay TV”, is a particular form of broadcasting. It consists of viewing programs on a deferred basis. How it works ? It sets up a film, a series or a program for a few days. And this, after its first broadcast. Content is available for a limited time. This form of broadcasting gives viewers the opportunity to rewatch shows they missed when they first aired.


VOD is a service related to “video on demand”. This broadcast allows viewers to take advantage of the audiovisual content individually, for rental or for purchase. The user is the only one able to choose the content of what he wants to follow.

There is also in this category, the SVOD service. Compared to VOD, the user does not control access to each video independently. Rather, it pays a monthly or yearly subscription. The latter gives him unlimited access to the complete catalog of a platform.

Thus, SVOD platforms present themselves, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Canal+. Nevertheless, access to these platforms includes an operator’s entire offer. It is then possible to subscribe to Netflix with Orange, Netflix with Bouygues, Netflix with Free or Netflix with SFR.

Supports compatible with IPTV

IPTV can be accessed with different types of media like internet browser. IPTV is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. To make it work, just go to the URL of the IPTV service provider and then choose the desired program.

If the viewer wishes to benefit from good reception, he must opt ​​for a high-performance device and a fairly high connection speed. IPTV also applies to a digital television. Thus, it is necessary to download and install an IPTV application. Smart TVs are the only ones capable of receiving programs broadcast by IPTV.

The benefits of IPTV

The first advantage of IPTV is its installation, it is simple and does not require any equipment.

  • It also offers viewers the ability to watch whatever they want, whenever they want.
  • IPTV is all about distributing programs so that they are easily accessible to viewers.
  • It thus retains its content and only broadcasts those chosen by the viewer.
  • Not only does this free up bandwidth, but it also optimizes the user’s choice according to the capacity of his reception means.
  • It is now possible to watch an 800 GB movie with a 200 GB hard drive.

IPTV provides its users with different features. These make it even more pleasant to use. Among them there is Picture in Picture which allows you to view a second channel inserted in the same television screen.

This technology is now accessible from several types of platforms. The user can thus enjoy it with his smart TV, smartphone or tablet. About the quality/price ratio, IPTV is a very advantageous option for the user. With a monthly or annual subscription, it has a catalog of different programs and unlimited shows.

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