IPTV Smarters Pro: How to Download and Install on Windows, Android, Samsung, and LG

This article will teach you how to download IPTV Smarters Pro to Windows, Android, Samsung, and LG and activate IPTV Smarters Pro. IPTV Smarters Pro works only with the IPTV services that support M3U Playlists or have an Xtream Codes API. So, this article also covers IPTV subscriptions.

What is IPTV Smarter Pro?

In short, it is an IPTV player application that allows you to watch movies and series from traditional TV channels, but completely free of charge. IPTV Smarters Pro is a player for Android phones, Android TV, and Android Tablets.

In another voice, IPTV Smarters Pro works as a player, that is, if you have a watch chain on hand, you can use this application to load or play these lists. For example, this application can be similar to the traditional and well-known VLC media player.

IPTV Smarters is a rising application in the world of IPTV applications that provides you with secure browsing and also allows you to manage bills, hosting, domains, and support tickets, thus improving your user experience.

How to Download IPTV Smarters Pro

One of the features of the application is that it is easy to download, install and use. To further simplify this task, we will provide you with a guide below on how to download IPTV Smarters Pro for Windows, Samsung, Android, and LG.

Windows PC

IPTV Smarters Pro on windows

As we said before, IPTV Smarters is an application designed for Android use. However, there is no need to panic because, like everything else in this life, there is a solution for this, which is nothing more than downloading an Android emulator, which can be BlueStacks or Nox App Player.

After downloading and installing the emulator (as easy as downloading any app), you must go ahead and run it and go to the Play Store or Google Play and search for the name “IPTV Smarters Pro” there, then click “Download ” and then “Open”.

It is worth mentioning that the same procedure is used to install IPTV Smarters Pro on Mac PC.

Family4k IPTV Tip: You can also download the IPTV Smarters Pro desktop version for Windows or Mac. See more information about the IPTV Smarters Pro Desktop version here.

For Android

IPTV Smarters Pro on android

If it is easy to download this application on a Windows PC, it is even easier to download it on a cell phone, tablet, or any device with an Android operating system, since IPTV Smarters is an application designed for said system.

To download the app, all you have to do is go to the Play Store and search for the name “IPTV Smarters Pro” there, then click “Download” and then “Open “, that’s it! You will install the application on your device.

Samsung Smart TV

To download IPTV Smarters on Samsung, you must go to your TV store, i.e. the App Store.

Once there, you must click on the magnifying glass and write down the name “IPTV Smarters Pro“, after which the application will appear and you must download and open it to access the activation fields.

For LG Smart TV

To install IPTV Smarters Pro on your LG Smart TV, simply go to your device’s app store and go to the magnifying glass where you’ll find the name of the app

Once you find the app, you can simply click on its icon! Once downloaded, the user registration screen will automatically appear.

How to activate IPTV Smarters Pro

Activating this application is very simple. First of all, there are two ways to access the application: the first is to directly load the M3U URL that can be found on the Internet, and the second is to log in using the “Xtream Codes API“, which is available for paid IPTV subscribers.

If you select the second option, a screen will appear with some fields that need to be filled in.

Where “Any Name” is displayed, you can enter a name that will help you identify the list. In the “Username” and “Password” sections, you must enter the username and password you received when you signed your IPTV contract. Finally, where the “URL” is displayed, you must paste it into one of the M3U playlists you have.

How to add channel list in IPTV Smarters Pro


Price of IPTV Smarters Pro

IPTV Smarters Pro is a free application and that’s why it is the preferred one by its users. If you need to load the IPTV M3U list, this application is perfect for you because it is a great player and you don’t have to pay a penny to use it.

On the other hand, there are cases when you have purchased or subscribed to some IPTV package and are recommended to Smarters Pro to play the list you have purchased there. In this case, there is also no payment required.

Now, based on the above, we can say that IPTV Smarters pro is generally a free application.

However, the program offers a paid plan through which you can take full advantage of the application. Among the benefits of this “Premium” subscription, there are bonus channels, movies, and additional series, as well as guaranteed best and fast-loading channels.

But that’s not all, because it also offers automatic updates and priority support, ready to help you if you have a problem.

All this for just $12 per month, or $0.40 per day. And that amount may go down, as the app offers quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payment plans that can save you up to 25%.

IPTV Smarters pro IPTV subscription

IPTV Smarters Pro does not offer any IPTV subscriptions. This means that it does not host any channels and does not have any playlists of its own. To use this service, you must already have an IPTV subscription to an IPTV provider to use IPTV Smarters on windows or other devices. You can try a Family4K IPTV subscription.


How can I watch IPTV Smarters pro?

IPTV Smarters Pro is a software development company that does not offer or sell any subscriptions, streams, or content. You can install this IPTV app for free and choose one of the best IPTV services to subscribe to.

How do I set up the IPTV Smarters Pro player?

Open the Google Play Store on your device. Type in and lookup for the IPTV Smarters Pro app. Follow the onscreen instructions and install the app. You can also read this guide to learn how to install and use IPTV Smarters Pro on different devices.

Is IPTV Smarters Pro free to use?

Yes, this IPTV App is free to install and use, and you can also unlock premium and exclusive features to enjoy more functionality.

Is IPTV Smarters pro a free app?

Smarters Pro Lite version has been launched for iOS devices – Smarters Player Lite Free Premium Version for Android – No need to buy the Premium version for Android Devices anymore. A New Version of IPTV Smarters Pro for LG TV has been released today!

Why is IPTV Smarters not working?

If the app takes a while to load or won’t load at all, it’s possible that the IPTV Smarters servers are down or that your internet connection is poor and unstable. This is a common issue, and the standard solution of resetting or relaunching the application will most likely repair it.

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