IPTV subscriptions: are they legal?

TV by IP, IPTV technology allows us to watch TV via the Internet. It is necessary to distinguish between legal IPTV and illegal IPTV in order to make the most of it. IPTV is said to be legal when it allows us to watch television in a connected way. Its illegal nature may derive from the type of streaming or the content offered.

Legal or illegal IPTV: knowing the difference

Now, more and more people are choosing to watch audiovisual content from an IPTV box. Most of them are considered illegal. Indeed, the mere indication of IPTV sometimes leads us to immediately think of a non-legal way to watch TV. This essentially by the fact that it is paying. In order to better understand whether it is legal or not, it would be easier to understand the technology associated with it.

What is IPTV?

In our era, you should know that television is watched in a thousand ways. We are used to terrestrial or satellite television. With the first form, it was possible for us to watch TV for free. The second was paid. With the advent of the Internet, a new way of watching TV has emerged. This is IPTV or Internet Protocol Television.

In its more technical sense, it is a question of taking advantage of the broadcasting of various programs through fiber or via the ADSL network. That said, from a more simplified point of view, IPTV can be considered an illegal way to enjoy national and international channels for free.

Legal IPTV

As long as your provider pays for the right to broadcast channels that they provide to you, it can be said that IPTV is legal. This can be both paid and free packages. When we only take into account the equipment and box to watch television over the Internet, IPTV technology is completely legal. It is, whether you watch TV on your PC, TV or tablet.

Use of IPTV considered illegal

When is IPTV considered illegal? Now, it is possible to find IPTV boxes that do not require you to pay a subscription to receive paid channels. These devices are considered illegal. If you buy them, you can be liable for a fine of up to 300,000 euros as well as 3 years in prison.

An IPTV box is legal when it allows you to watch the channels included in your subscription. If it allows you to watch all national and international channels without subscribing, it becomes fraudulent.

A more obvious example, when a box allows you to receive Netflix US from France, you are using a device that breaks the law. These boxes only divert television streams in order to offer a more attractive price.

The basics to know to choose a legal IPTV subscription

If IPTV technology can raise many doubts, it should be remembered that it is not illegal in itself. It is the content offered and the ways in which it is provided that makes it illegal. To make sure you don’t fall on fraudulent services, you must choose those offering services that respect copyrights. Then you can look at the content offered by the subscriptions and their price.

You can also rely on the reputation of the supplier itself. If you know how to choose the legal box for your IPTV, you can enjoy many advantages. Among them, we can mention in particular:

  • With exceptional image quality,
  • Pleasant sound and high quality,
  • Access to requested programs,
  • Access to the original version, the French version or other,
  • The possibility of viewing customizable programs, etc.

There are many solutions that allow you to legally watch TV channels on the Internet. To take advantage of this, you have in particular internet boxes with TV decoders and paid VOD and SVOD services.

IPTV subscriptions to choose in 2022

What are the trusted IPTV platforms that are unlikely to get you in trouble with the law? Here is a wide selection of the legal IPTV box that you can choose from. Some may be free, but most are paid.

Netflix, the one that offers the best offers of films and series on the market

Netflix offers different prices depending on your needs: subscription per month giving access to a single screen of standard quality, with HD content or to four screens with HD and ultra HD image quality.

Amazon Prime Video, the best proposal for IPTV offers after Netflix

This is Amazon’s SVOD platform. It offers you the possibility to watch different movies, series, documentaries, reality shows, etc. You can receive it on all connected screens. With its catalog which is updated every month, you will have a wide choice of entertainment at your fingertips.

Disney+, hundreds of movies, cartoons and series to enjoy

Are you a fan of Marvel, Pixar, Stars Wars, Disney and more? Disney+ allows you to subscribe monthly or over a year. It also allows you to take advantage of many new features.

myCANAL by CANAL+, a perfect combination of direct access and a replay offer

To access myCANAL, you need a Canal+ subscription. It allows you both to access direct channels and to take advantage of a replay offer. If you use the application, you can receive channels from your Android TV connected television, your Xbox and PlayStation game consoles, your PC or Mac, Amazon’s Fire TV Sticks or even certain operator boxes.

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