Is your Chromebook Frozen? The best solution to Fix Unresponsive Chromebook in 2022 – IPTV Guide

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Hi guys, I’m here with another interesting content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on how to fix your frozen Chromebook?. Do your Chromebook freezes or becomes unresponsive often? Then this article is for you. Come, let’s get into the content.

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Before that, let’s see what is Chromebook and why do we experience such problems with it? First of all, Chromebook is a lightweight tablet or laptop. It typically runs on the Linux-based Chrome OS. Yes, Chromebook is a proprietary product of Google. It runs on Google’s Chrome OS rather than Microsoft’s Windows.

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Most of the data and applications on a Chromebook resides on the cloud rather than on the machine itself. This device is for the people who do less usage like note-taking, content writing, and some more mild tasks. Also, you can download the web-based chrome apps and chrome extensions from the Chrome web store.

The apps you use on Chromebook resembles and reminds you of using mobile apps. You get only limited storage on hardware. No need to worry. 100 GB of online storage which comes built-in is available for you. After Google, many companies have started manufacturing Chromebooks. so, each device suffers from the same problem.

Do many people ask how to unfreeze a Chromebook? Why Chromebook turns unresponsive? Well, to explain that is the sole purpose of this content. If you are ready, let’s get into the content on how to fix a frozen Chromebook. Come, let’s get into the content.

How to Fix a Frozen Chromebook

Table of Contents

Reasons Why Chromebooks turns Unresponsive (Freeze)

There are certain typical reasons to answer why Chromebooks freeze or suddenly becomes unresponsive.

  • Due to some background apps or the currently running apps which use too much memory.
  • Issues with the Chrome OS.
  • Hardware issues with the Chromebook.
  • Because of some device that plugged into the Chromebook.

These are the few primary reasons because of which your Chromebook turns unresponsive. Come, let’s see how to fix these issues in the following content.

Methods To Resolve Frozen Chromebook

Try these following strategies to get back your Chromebook in working condition. Hoping these methods will bring back your frozen Chromebook to a normal condition.

1.Remove External Devices

Try removing the external devices like headphones, USB drives, hard drives, and any other devices that are plugged into your Chromebook. This helps you in eliminating the things that mess up with your Chromebook device. And also it helps you to determine where the problem lies exactly in your device.

2. Refresh The Page

If the problem lies with a specific tab in your browser, try refreshing the page. You can easily refresh the page using the hotkeys ‘Ctrl+Shift+r’. This method will solve the problem with a specific tab in the browser that causes your Chromebook to crash or freeze.

3. Error Messages

If you are made to stare at an error message on your Chromebook, note down the error message which is displayed. Then, search for the exact error message in Google using another device. It may show you some steps to resolve the error. You can also try visiting the Chrome OS help website for more clarity. This method helps you to overcome if you are presented with an error message on your Chromebook.

4. Using Task Manager

Task Manager on Chromebook

You can try using Chrome OS task manager to close the apps consuming too much memory on your Chromebook. Use the hotkeys ‘search+Esc’ or ‘Shift+Esc’ (old combination) to bring up the task manager. This is possible only if your Chromebook’s keyboard is still working. Select the app that consumes a lot of memory from the task manager, click it, and select End task. This method helps you to get rid of the apps using a lot of memory on your device.

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5.Hard Reboot

The next method is to perform a hard reboot on your Chromebook. If you couldn’t use the keyboard and control the cursor hold the Power key until it turns off. Turn it on again and open the task manager as given in the previous method. Delete the apps that are infrequently used or not used often. As those apps may take too many resources from your device which also leads to the crash of your device. Frequently delete the apps that are not used often. This method helps in eliminating the unused apps which are taking too many resources of your device.

6. Drain The Battery

If your Chromebook turns unresponsive and won’t turn off, unplug the device from the power source. Then allow the battery to drain completely. Once the device cools down, connect the charger and restart the device again. This method helps to get rid of some of the hardware issues that make your device to freeze or crash.

7. Hard Reset

Try having a hard reset if your Chromebook doesn’t boot up all. You can perform a hard reset by holding down the Refresh+Power button for about 5 seconds. This method helps in resetting your Chromebook’s hardware. You may lose some of your configuration preferences. But still, you can access the apps and files in the Downloads folder.

8. Perform Factory Reset

A factory reset is not the same as a hard reset. A factory reset wipes out all your data from your Chromebook and returns back to the original settings and interface. So, be careful while considering this method. Better keep factory data reset as the last option. This method will help you in wiping out all your existing data and returns your Chromebook in the original condition. It is to reset only the software and it won’t make any changes in the hardware of your device.


That’s all guys. This is all you need to know about the methods of fixing your frozen Chromebook. I hope the content will be useful ad satisfactory. The Chromebook is a lightweight device to handle lightweight tasks. It may get stuck at times due to some of the above-mentioned reasons. But no need to worry. You can easily fix those issues with the help of the above-given steps without any hustle. Stay on track and update yourself with technology.


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