King365TV – IPTV Subscription Reviews.

IPTV providers are very numerous. There are quite a number of them and not all of them have the same quality and above all, not all of them are legal… Let’s see together what is in my opinion on King365TV .

This IPTV France subscription offers VOD, foreign channels (more than 2200), France bouquets, but also features such as Timeshift and the program schedule. Replay will also be part of most French TV channels.

King365’s IPTV subscription can be installed on your android tv box and on your computer, smart TV, IOS and any Kodi device. The installation is rather simple since King365TV will go through both the use of your MAC address (if necessary) or m3u links (for VLC and Kodi for example).

King365TV also has its own android application, which simplifies updates. Their application is actually a simple customization of the famous IPTV Smarters Pro. In my opinion, this is a sign of quality because the supplier takes the trouble to adapt and manage the devices himself. And above all, it removes the ads usually present in the free version of IPTV Smarters Pro. So a plus point for King365TV.

All channels and VOD are available in FullHD which is still great for watching sports on the big screen in my opinion! King365TV receives good reviews on its Facebook page. Which is a pretty good sign for judging the quality of a supplier.

Very important reminder:
It has become absolutely mandatory to use an IPTV VPN . Whether it is to protect you from your provider, from hadopi, from advertisements or to avoid throttling from your ISP, VPNs are now essential in the use of an android box, IPTV and even the internet in general. . Personally, I use NordVPN , which is the simplest, most efficient and cheapest. But Surfshark or PureVPN work very well

King365Tv is more and more talked about, especially because it is compatible with NordVPN for security. I remind you that it is more than necessary to have a VPN for streaming and IPTV.

This IPTV subscription costs the minimum price of €50 for one year and can be paid in Bitcoin or by paypal. This is the price to have all pirated pay channels (or almost..)

But here it is, because there is always a but… This provider is totally illegal . What is believed to be a good deal is ultimately a pirate subscription. This provider may disappear at any time, and you have no guarantee of service. I strongly advise against taking out a subscription with this provider.

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