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The world is in the middle of a digital explosion, & we’re quickly moving over to a brand new territory of sharing, exchanging & viewing information.

You can safely wager on the fact that the number of people watching cable TVs nowadays has dramatically dropped, in the same breath as that of people watching internet videos has dramatically increased.

Today, live video broadcasting services have become quite the rage. Live broadcast videos have bagged the top spot in a viewer’s video watching lists. Broadcasting of live sessions have increased multifold in the past decade, & event agencies live streaming has become a popular marketing trend among brands.

If you’ve been taken aback by the focus digital media & event agencies have been putting on live broadcast solutions, we have rounded up certain facts to quell your cynicism. Not only is the broadcasting of live sessions a valuable service for clients, but it also helps increase a brand’s viewers substantially. The statistics back this statement. According to a collective conclusion of various marketing surveys, viewers engaged with live videos around 8 times better than they engaged with on-demand or regular videos.

A survey of people’s viewing habits revealed that an average viewer spent 42.8 minutes on live videos, as compared to the 5.1 minutes for a normal video. Live videos grew by almost 93% in the past few years, with an average viewership of 26.4 minutes per user. 

Naturally, with this unprecedented success of live broadcasting solutions, it’s no wonder that event agencies & brands are keen to experiment with live videos.

However, as with all things in life, it’s essential to choose a good live video broadcasting service for your brand &/or event agency. Good live video broadcasting services know the art of making viewers & engagement grow, through using certain tips, tricks & tools.

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Event Agencies Live Streaming Strategy Tools

Below, we bring you a list of 5 essential tools that’ll help your event agencies live streaming strategy considerably.

1. Live Stream to Multiple Social Media Channels

Let’s be clear. The primary reason a brand chooses broadcasting of live sessions is to increase viewers & engagement on their live videos. One of the best & the most efficient ways to do this is through syndication or pushing the same content across multiple social media platforms.

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Some event planners & brand marketers feel that live streaming will lead to a decrease in people attending the event in-person. However, results saw an entirely different trend emerge. Data from a concert management agency showed that around 67% of live video audience were more likely to book their tickets to the concert after watching a live broadcast of the same.

Think of how fast this number can multiply if you live stream to multiple social media channels at once! A good live video broadcasting service should provide you with easy ways to ‘syndicate’ your live videos across all your social media platforms.

Event agencies live streaming can especially make good use of this feature as their broadcasting of live sessions can take place across different online platforms simultaneously. 

2. Re-Broadcast Your Live Streams

re-broadcast live streamsre-broadcast live streams

Live broadcast solutions are an amazing way to generate engagement as well as increase your brand’s viewership. However, they have one disadvantage. Since these are live in nature, it’s quite possible that some(or most, depending on the time, location, target audience etc.) of these audiences won’t be tuned in to your live streams. When you consider these losses in consideration with the various platforms the live streams are taking place on, the combined loss is huge. A way to ensure that your audience doesn’t miss out on your live streams is through re-broadcasting. Re-broadcasting live streams is a way through which brands or event agencies can re-broadcast their previously streamed live videos, & get the engagement of viewers lost in the original live stream. This ensures that your live video gets an increased viewer to reach as well as heightened engagement. 

3. Smooth, On-Time Playback

Smooth On-Time PlaybackSmooth On-Time Playback

Nobody likes it when the video buffers. Period. And when a live video buffers, it’s even worse. Audiences don’t want to miss out on the action, & buffering makes them miss exactly that. To ensure viewer satisfaction & retention, live video broadcasting services ensure that broadcasting of live sessions in event agencies live streaming, takes place smoothly without buffering et al. Good, renowned & professional live broadcast solutions offer smooth, on-time & buffer-free playback services for live videos. 

4. Monetizing Your Live Video Broadcasts

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Live videos aren’t just good at providing increased viewership & engagement to brands, but are also good at providing you monetary benefits if you know just how to use those! The fact that live video broadcasting services are expected to combinedly generate a revenue of around $30.6 billion, is nothing to be swept under the rug! Marketing surveys reveal that around 45% of live video viewers would pay for being able to watch & tune in to a live stream. This fact gives tremendous monetizing possibilities to your brand’s live video.

Good live video broadcasting services offer their clients massive opportunities to tap into the online video streaming market, through monetizing their live video streams. There are several ways of monetizing your live videos. You can charge via pay-per-view method, or through a subscription system. Alternatively, live videos can also be monetized through in-video advertising.

5. A Great, Efficient Live Video Broadcasting Service

Lastly, but not least, choosing an effective live video broadcasting service is the best way for getting users to tune in to your live video. Good live broadcast solutions utilize effective strategies to increase viewership & engagement on your live video. From rolling out your video on your chosen social media platforms to syndicating it, to monetizing it, & playing it smoothly, buffer-free on all social media platforms, good live video broadcasting services ensure your brand’s live video has an effective, successful journey.

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