Luis Ortiz Vs. Charles Martin

Luis Ortiz Vs. Charles Martin

The New Year started with a bang for all the boxing fans worldwide. The much-anticipated fight between Luis Ortiz and Charles Martin took place on 1st January 2022, and the fans loved every bit of the fight. It had some fantastic moments that left the fans on their edges, and both fighters gave an excellent performance. However, one of them had a better night and won via TKO. So here’s how the fight went and everything about the build-up to the fight.

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The build-up to the fight

The heavyweight division saw two of the best fighters go head to head in Hollywood at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe Hotel & Casino. Charles Martin is a former world champion who has an impressive record of 28-2-1 and 25 KO’s. But the contender Luis Ortiz is no stranger in the division. His record stood 32-2, 2 NC and 27 KO’s, which is pretty impressive. It was the perfect matchup in the division. The fans knew that it would be an exciting fight. Both fighters were excellent technically, and they could knock out any opponent in the fight.

How the fight progressed

Before the fight, Luis Ortiz promised the fans that he would bring the fireworks to the fight. The two-time title challenger had no short of experience coming into a fight like this, and he had a point to prove to the world. But he also knew that Martin was equally capable of doing the same. There were some surprising moments in the fight, so in case you’ve missed it, here’s a look at the fight rounds.

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Round one

As expected, round one was a cautious start for both fighters. It wasn’t a busy round, but both fighters kept landing jabs and tried to find their range. Ortiz started to get more aggressive and pushed Martin to the ropes. But he was able to land an excellent overhand shot that took down Ortiz, and the fans roared. Ortiz recovered quickly, but he was on defensive mode as Martin kept throwing combinations at him. The exchanges continued, and round one easily went Martin’s way.

Round two

Despite the knockdown, Ortiz showed no signs of slowing down, and he started pressuring in round two. Martin was well poised to tackle the pressure, and he kept moving out of the way and countering at the same time. He was landing jabs and body shots more. On the other hand, Ortiz kept looking for the head and tried to knock him out in round two. But Martin was smart, and he avoided getting hit hard. Round two was a close one for both fighters, and the score seems to have gone either way.

Round three

Martin kept working on his jabs and body shots in round three. Although Ortiz was trying to hit him, his pace made the difference. Martin was moving quicker than him, and he was landing the combinations and body shots effectively during the exchanges. Towards the end of the round, Martin successfully landed an excellent headshot, giving him the upper hand going into round four. It was all Martin in round three, and he looked sharp.

Round four

Martin kept his momentum in round four. He followed the same strategy, and Ortiz had no answer. He kept moving fast, and with his jab and body shot combo, he executed some excellent headshots. Martin also defended himself well against any counter by Ortiz. The combos kept coming, and towards the end of the round, he knocked down Ortiz again with a powerful jab. Ortiz wasn’t finding his range, and he couldn’t keep up with the pace of Martin. So round four also went Martin’s way, and it looked as though the fight would end soon.

Round five

By round five, Ortiz was struggling a lot and looked wobbly. Martin was on fire, and he kept the pressure going with his excellent combos and body shots, to which Ortiz had no response. His guard started to open up, and it looked like the fight would end. The fans could also see his family in tears by then. Ortiz took a lot of hits in round five but surprisingly, he kept going. Despite all the shots from Martin, he survived the round. It was another excellent round for Martin, who looked almost sure to win the fight.

Round six

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Round six took everyone by surprise. Ortiz finally found his mojo, and Martin felt his power. By now, everyone was screaming in the arena as he kept striking Martin with body shots and headshots. He knocked him down between the ropes, and Martin’s gloves got caught in the ropes. Ortiz made the most of it and kept hitting him with hard body shots. He showed no signs of slowing down, and Martin had no answer. Ortiz then landed a perfect overhand shot to the head that sent Martin down to the mat again. By then, the referee had seen enough and immediately intervened. He stopped the fight, and to everyone’s surprise, Ortiz won the fight! It was a fantastic moment for all boxing fans. Despite suffering throughout the rounds, he never gave up, and it took a moment of sheer brilliance from him to cause a big upset.

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